Technology in the Art Room

Experiences in Miss Henshaw's Classroom

Integrating Technologies in the Classroom

In the art classroom, I integrate technology through various vehicles:

  • Ipad/tablet devices as a sketchbook journal
  • Classroom website to keep students updated
  • Recap (APP) to create demo clips for students who need a refresher of project techniques

Challenges of Integrating Technologies in Instruction

  • Network connection issues
  • Technical Support
  • Students are distracted by outside games
  • Lack of battery life of tablet
  • Art Room can have spills which can ruin devices
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Goals for Technology in the Art Room

  • Become more comfortable integrating technologies
  • Include ways for students to use technology as a medium for their creativity
  • Use user friendly apps to aid student creations
  • Continue to learn about new technologies to use in the art classroom