Pandora's Basket

A locally run affordable & healthy-foods Liberian restaurant

Pandora's Basket is finally OPENING!!

In one month's time, on September 18th, Pandora's Basket will open on 11th Street landside, at the heart of Sinkor, Monrovia!

We will provide high quality restaurant and bar services; the menu will include a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Snacks, hot and cold beverages will be served from the early morning until late night. Vegetarian dishes will always be available.

We emphasize on the importance of the diversity in menus, seasonal delicacies, and enjoyable tasters’ events, such as “create your own menu”, “vote for your ‘dish of the week’”, in order to include our clients and invite them to voice their preferences.

Our core values:

QUALITY: in finding the best natural ingredients; ‘grow what you eat, eat what you grow’

TRANSPARENCY: because you deserve to know what you eat

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURALISM: to involve the community, to inspire beyond the business

DIVERSITY: in meals, in staff, in activities

RESPECT: for our suppliers, customers, guests, partners

NON-DISCRIMINATION: open to all faces, from all places

PASSION: no giving up, and always smiling – we work to make it work!

Ongoing renovation work...

A final boost!

To help us in our final stage of renovation, painting, and the purchase of key material, we're calling out to all supporters and future clients to help us out in the last mile.

After years of work, promotion, splendid evenings and events, it's happening!!!

(We all want to get a taste of that crab!)

Donations can be made in cash directly to Pandora's Basket if you are in Monrovia, drop us a line at the email below.

Or: you can make a transfer to the following account (which is her business partner's account, making it easier for international transfers).

For each donation, whether cash or transfer, you will receive an official receipt from Pandora's Basket, within 1 week of the transaction.

Jacqueline Schulte

Allee des Houx 33

4680 Hermee


IBAN: BE38340027211972


(Bank: ING)