During the Revolutionary War


If you were a slave in 1776 what would you do? On their journey to the americas they were on slave ships. they were treated like animals on the slave ships. they had A little space to move. they could not reach the waste bucket. there was not enough air good enough to breath. once slaves arrived they were put up for sale at slave conventions (Hanel 5). slaves were treated worse than indentured servants because they weren't treated like people, had bad working conditions, and worked for life. indentured servants are lucky beacause they get to work with someone for only 5 or 6 years and they get to be free in america when the years are over. I would hate to be a slave in 1776.

Slaves are not treated like people.

  • whipped or placed in stocks.
  • sometimes slaves were branded with hot iron if the owner wants the slave to be branded
  • misbehaving slaves were sold like a piece of property.
  • family's were separated
  • slaves were auction off buyers looked at their health and strength.

Slaves had bad working conditions

  • slaves worked on plantations in the southern colonies.
  • the amount of food and shelter depended on the owner.
  • they worked from the beginning of day to dusk.

Slaves worked for life

  • when slaves owners died they were sold to someone else.
  • when people buy slaves the slave has to obey their owner and work for life.
  • slaves dont get three meals a day
  • think every day for the rest of your life you had work and be chained up how would you feel what would you do?