Australia Environmental Concerns

Introduction of exotic species

How does the introduction of exotic species affect the environment?

Australia's flora and fauna used to be isolated on a continent. When you introduce new species the original animals are put under more pressure and danger. This is because you introduce a new predator that they haven't had time to adapt to and won't have the necessary skills to evade it.

Where does this occur in Australia?

It occurs almost everywhere, but it has the highest concentration in the Southeast.
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5 pros

  1. Increases biodiversity
  2. They can provide new sources of food
  3. Some iconic "native" creatures were introduced EX: The dingo
  4. Can help replace extinct creatures
  5. Can help control invasive species

5 cons

  1. Prey on native species
  2. More competition for food and shelter
  3. They can destroy the habitat
  4. They can introduce diseases
  5. They have few natural predators