computer hardware 2

What is CPU?

Cpu stands for The central processing unit,cpu has a job of carrying out instructions of the program that is runnin.A cpu is an electronic circuite board inside the computer tower that makes calculations and decisions based on the input it is given.
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What is RAM?

Ram stands for random access momory,a computer's RAM is the memory used to store data and programs on a temporary basis.The more RAM a computer has, the more programs and documents it can have open without slowing the system down. Current computers have anywhere from 256 MB of RAM,or 256 million bytes of memory a program can use, to as much as 4 GB of RAM.
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What is motherboard?

 The motherboard is a printed circuite board that is the foundation of a computer and allows the cpu,ramand all other computer hardware components to function and communicate with each other.
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