Justinian's Empire

Christian McClenney

Backround/Type of ruler

When constantine died his sons took over. In 527 a macedonian named Justinian came into power. He was considered the best emperor of byzantine. HE served the army and was an excellent general.He was taught the emperors acts were inspired by god, so no one could question him, and all that met him had to bow and kiss his feet.
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Theodora justinian's wife worked as an actress and was very poor before she met him. not many people had much to say about her. A little after being with justinian she realized she was interested in politics. She convinced justinian to give equal rights to women. In 532 a revolt was caused over taxes justinian wanted to flee but theodora made them stay. Because of her justinian kept control of the government and became stronger
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Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia or "holy wisdom". Justinian orded the construction of Hagia sophia in 532 after the previous church was destoyed in riots. despite wars and riots the builting has stayed intact and is a prize to who ever takes it over. It has served as a cathedral of eastern orthodox.
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Justinian's code

  • Justinian used the law to unify the empire under his control.
  • This code guided legal thinkers to make the international laws we still use today
  • HE ruled as an autocrat or sole ruler.
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Rights for women

Theodora pushed rights for women and eventually got them. Emperor justinian gave women equal rights in a married and fore divorce. In marriage a women keeps what she brought in the marriage .Also a widowed women could raise her kids without government interference
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Economic and military strength

  • The byzantine empire had an amazingly strong central government
  • which had strict control over the economy
  • peasants were the backbone of the empire they worked the land , paid taxes and provided soldiers for the military
  • while western europe struggled the byzantine empire still stayed strong
  • They had a ver strong military with ship, soldiers and sailors
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Differences between east and west

In the east the emperor is the highest in power and he appoints the patriarch which is the highest offical in church. However in the west the pope is the hightest power . also in the west the greek laguage was used not latin .The byzantine clergy was allowed to marry.
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Great schism

  • the great schism was the split betweent eastern and western christians.
  • They had an arguement about icons if they were allowed or not
  • in 700 the byzantine emperor outlawed icons say they were aginst god
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  • Byantine artist many many contributions in religious art and architecture.
  • The art influenced western styles and still do to this day
  • they did a specific type of art called mosaics which was said to bring the bible to "life" in a sence.
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  • Byzantine scholars preseverd the classic learning of rome and greece
  • in addition they made there own amazing books
  • They were mostly concerned with their own religion and history
  • as the empire "tottered" many scoloars left to teach at latin universities
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