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Use Of Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics

The main ones are: patrician, cad venire, the trim lamina. These amines raise the vaginal phi especially patrician and cad venire in the presence of high pH, rapidly volatilize and cause malodorous (fishy smell), which is characteristic of VB.

Kyle Leon Scam - The amines and acids are citing toxic, causing exfoliation of epithelial cells and therefore the characteristics of vaginal discharge and clue cells indicator cells. Vaginal anaerobes are able to inhibit chemo taxis of white blood cells.

Not know the exact reason for the overgrowth the anaerobic flora, but there are factors that can alter the vaginal ecosystem as the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, changes in vaginal pH that follows ejaculation or douches, vaginal trauma, states that there is decreased production of estrogen, etc These changes can lead to infections by agents that normally make up the normal flora. Find More Tips Here


The transmission mechanisms of BV are not clear. Some evidence suggests that as urinary tract infection is a result of vaginal colonization with rectal organisms. Yet it is a rare cause of urinary tract.

Others suggest sexual transmission.

In a recent study, the number of sexual partners was directly linked to the occurrence of VB. About 90% of partners of women with BV have urethral colonization by virginals, but is not associated with clinical manifestations. During pregnancy VB has been associated with preterm labor, premature rupture of membranes and is a common isolated from the blood of women with postpartum post abortion fever and fever.