A Math Community (We have pi!)

Welcome to the Second Semester!

Can you believe it is already second semester? This year is really flying. Before long it will be over. The second semester seems to go really fast. This is a really busy semester and there is no down time. Students have many things they must get done in order to be prepared for the next grade level. One way to make sure they are prepared is to make sure they stay on top of all assignments and when they are due. Students need to also make sure they are using their time in school wisely. There is not reason for them to have tons of homework or for them to be overwhelmed at the end of the six weeks trying to get in assignments or corrections.

Academic Support to Begin After School on Tues/Thurs

In an effort to support students based upon their present performance and progress, academic support will be offered after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4:30. If students are failing due to missing assignments or need to revisit concepts, they will be able to address these needs from 3:40-4:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If the student rides an after-school shuttle to Hughes or Kerr and is not able to stay, then teachers will address this during Reboot.

As a reminder... Reboot is designed for students to receive remediation, growth mindset, and social and emotional awareness. Reboot is NOT for free time and playing games.

Coming to Class Prepared

Pencils, Journals, Laptops, Oh My!!!

REALM and specifically math, are hybrid learning environments. This means that some learning is going to happen on the computer, and some learning is going to happen with pencil and paper, and hands-on with manipulatives. Pencils are a requirement in math. I have many students coming to class without a pencil. I have handed out all that I have.

Each student also started the year with a composition book or spiral for their math journal. Many of them have lost these. Again, I have hunted down a few extas and have also handed out all that I have. Please make sure your student has supplies. If there is an issue, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will work with you.

MAP Testing is Next Week!

Monday - Math MAP

Tuesday - Reading MAP

Wednesday - Science and/or Writing MAP

Be the person that makes others want to up their game.