Updates from Wood County's ADAMHS Board

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Meet the Staff

Laura Fullenkamp

Laura Fullenkamp is the new Criminal Justice and Special Projects Manager at the Wood County ADAMHS Board. She is a University of Toledo alumna, receiving her Bachelor’s in Psychology, Master’s in Community Counseling and Ph.D. in Counselor Education from the college. Prior to her position at the Wood County ADAMHS Board, Laura has worked in many local agencies with both kids and adults. She worked in mental health and addictions at Harbor, the Residential Unit and Partial Program at Children’s Resource Center, and served as the Criminal Justice Coordinator at Family Service of Northwest Ohio. She also worked in Multisystemic Therapy in North Carolina.

Laura often growing up “was able to see the effects of untreated mental health and addiction on people within [her] community," and saying that she felt “struck by the resilience they had developed” through the support they received. She described that she eventually “became passionate about being the one that provided the help to these individuals to increase the quality of life for the person struggling and also their family members.”

For fun, Laura loves spending time with her husband and three children by playing games or playing with their puppies outside. She also enjoys baking, crafting, gardening with her kids, and reading.

The Dangers of Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is the most common, costly, and deadly pattern of excessive alcohol use in the United States. It is defined as "a pattern of drinking that brings a person's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to 0.08g/dl or above." Typically for men, this happens when 5 or more drinks are consumed within 2 hours, and for women, when 4 or more drinks are consumed within 2 hours. While most people who binge drink do not a severe alcohol use disorder, nearly 1 in 6 US adults binge drinks about four times per month, consuming about 7 drinks per binge. Binge drinking is most common among younger adults aged 18–34 years, but more than half of the total binge drinks are consumed by those aged 35 and older.

With the pandemic, the number of binge drinkers has drastically increased, even in Wood County. This may be due to many causes including boredom or stress. Regardless of reasoning, we wanted to share some alternative activities and coping strategies besides binge drinking.

Positive Coping Strategies

There are a variety of ways one can manage daily stressors. Some of these could include:

  • Build in Regular Exercise
  • Connect with Supportive People
  • Carve out Hobby Time
  • Practice Meditation or Yoga
  • Get Plenty of Rest
  • Bond with Your Pet

Remember, everyone has their own ways to cope, so be sure to find a healthy solution that fits for you!

Events Happening in Wood County

If you are interested in getting out in the community safely, there are many events happening! You can visit the following links to stay updated:





Provider Updates

A Renewed Mind

A Renewed Mind is able to offer a new service to the community and primarily with partnerships with local physical healthcare organizations. Through grant funding, we are able to offer Peer Recovery Support staff to provide information, referral, one on one meetings (either in person or via teleconference), and even provide services to remove barriers to access treatment for anyone that may be struggling with addition. This service is free to the community and is intended to eliminate barriers to access to the many pathways to recovery. Peer Support staff are individuals with lived experience that frequently have a way of connecting with individuals seeking recovery which other health care professionals may lack. For additional information contact Kari Mezinger at 419-343-4129 or kmezinger@arenewedmindservices.org

A Renewed Mind also offers a free service for family members that may have a loved one dealing with addiction. F.A.C.E.S - Families of Addiction: Critical Education and Support is offered virtually each Tuesday at 6pm. Virtual through Zoom. For access information, contact Caitlin Schissler at 567-341-4810.

Arrowhead Behavioral Health

Arrowhead provides a variety of specialized services:

  • Inpatient Acute Psychiatric Services
  • Inpatient Substance Abuse and Detoxification Treatment
  • Inpatient Dual Diagnosis (Co-occurrence of mental illness with substance abuse)
  • Suboxone Induction and Maintenance (for Opiate Dependence)
  • Outpatient Treatment
    • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
    • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
    • Relapse Prevention (Aftercare)
  • Up to 28-Day Dual-Diagnosis Rehabilitation Programs
    • Impaired Professionals Program

Counselors in our Admissions Department at Arrowhead Behavioral Health are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for mental health evaluations. For more information about our mental health programs or substance abuse treatment for yourself or a loved one, please give us a call now at 800-547-5695.

Children's Resource Center

CRC is currently offering a Coping Skills group, designed to help participants increase healthy skills to cope with the many changes, stressors, and the loss of routine and normalcy youth are currently experiencing. Groups will happen in-person at the CRC office in Bowling Green, and are available for several age groups. Ages 13-15 and 7-9 years old are immediately available. Age 10-12 coming soon!

The group will focus on the structure of S.E.L.F.

Safety: Personal and emotional health

Emotions: Feeling identification, emotional regulation and coping skills

Loss: Support and coping with focus on how home, school and community has changed

Future: Creating a successful future

For further information or to schedule an assessment, please contact Janet Brumbaugh at CRC, 419-352-7588

The Cocoon

2020 was a year of challenges for all of us. While we were all on the same lake in respect to the pandemic, each of our respective boats on that lake presented its own unique set of challenges.

For survivors of domestic and sexual violence, sheltering in place, upended economic security, increased isolation, etc., created the perfect storm for increased incidences of abuse. Isolation with an abuser , lack of ready access to personal support systems such as family and friends, and stressors such as job loss not only contributed to increased instance of violence but also the level of violence experienced. The Cocoon saw the effect of this, serving more survivors and their children than any other time in our 15-year history.

2020 Services provided:

*747 Total survivors served

*67 Adults and 30 children provided emergency safe shelter

*210 Survivors assisted with obtaining a Civil Protection Order

*67 Survivors provided with economic empowerment services

*106 Survivors attended weekly support group

*100 Survivors provided with basic needs assistance

*921 Transportation requests fulfilled

*69 Hospital outreach visits following an assault

*25 Prevention trainings provided to the community

*14 Community awareness presentations made

*11 On-call volunteers trained

As we begin a new year, we look forward to remaining steadfast in our vision of being a trusted partner, community leader and transforming voice in Wood County and the surrounding areas. We are committed to ending domestic and sexual violence and empowering those affected by abuse. With the incredible support of our community partners and members, we will continue to provide critical programs and services to survivors and their children at no cost to them across their lifespan. All services provided are confidential. Advocates can be reached 24/7 by calling 419-373-1730, option 2.

Wood County Educational Service Center

To learn more about the Wood County Education Service Center and any upcoming events or programs, visit their website: www.wcesc.org

All groups at Harbor are currently are available in a hybrid model, meaning individuals are able to come on site or join remotely if needed/preferred. For those who may not have access to devices or internet are able to get a table with data provided by Harbor. For more information on some of the programs available, check out the PDF's attached below!

NAMI Wood County is starting 2021 with a wide variety of programming for both peer and family members! This includes, WRAP, Bridges of Hope: A NAMI FaithNet presentation, NAMI Family and Friends, Adult Mental Health First Aid, and more! As always, NAMI Wood County has ongoing support groups for peer and family members. While classes and groups are still virtual, NAMI Wood County is still here to support. Visit www.namiwoodcounty.org to learn more!

Unison Health

Unison Health is introducing a new group to provide tools to help find new and meaningful ways to manage suicidal thoughts. The name of the group is SIRS S(Suicidal), I (Ideation), R(Recognizing) S (Self). This group will be facilitated by clinical staff and peer support specialists that have extensive training in crisis and suicide prevention. Group includes staff with lived experience with suicidal ideations either with self or with loved ones.

The group runs on Thursdays from 5-7 pm starting on January 14, 2021. The group will be located at Unison Health 1084 S Main St. Bowling Green OH.

For questions about the group please call Unison Health office at 419-352-4624

Zepf Center

Learn more about the Zepf Center and any upcoming events or program, visit their website: http://www.zepfcenter.org/zepf-recovery-housing/

Introducing: Mental Health Professional of the Month!

Do you know someone at your agency who is hard-working, committed and passionate about their work in mental health and addiction services? Do they go above and beyond expectations to meet client needs? Now is their time to shine! Each month, the Wood County ADAMHS Board will be highlighting a Mental Health Professional in our community via social media and WoodWork. To submit a nomination, please fill out the form below:

Trigger Warning: Self-Injury

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Often times, many people who find themselves struggling with mental health issues look for ways to cope. Unfortunately, one of those coping strategies could be self-injury or self-harm. Typically, depression and self-harm go hand-in-hand. But there are many other reasons people self-harm.

Across the U.S., as many as two million people currently engage in self-harm. This can include methods of cutting, scratching, bruising, and hitting themselves, along with other harmful methods. Those who have these behaviors have said that it promotes a feeling of control and can help relieve tension, while also to help the person express their emotions and escape numbness often accompanied by depression.

Self-Injury Awareness Day - video slideshow from LifeSIGNS
Self-Injury Awareness Day occurs on the 1st of March each year for nearly two decades. This is an international event that is recognized across the globe.

Raising awareness about self-injury is incredibly important. Awareness leads to folks developing understanding and empathy, and can lead to banishing judgement and fear. It also reduces the number of people who feel alone and suffer in silence. This includes not only educating people about self-injure, but also reaching out to people who do.

Wood County Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services Board

Our Mission: The Wood County Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services Board advocates, plans, develops, funds, manages, and evaluates community-based mental health and addiction prevention, treatment and recovery services to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Wood County.

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