Outcasts United

By Warren St. John

The story of a refugee soccer camp that changed the town

The Beginning

The refugee soccer team known as the Fugees was a soccer team started by Luma Mufleh (LU-ma MU-fl-eh), a 31 year old women from Amman Jordan who grew up in a very wealthy family. In the year of 2005 She moved to the United states to study abroad and ended up staying by choice. Her family cut her funding and cut her out of the family in general, so she was left to fend for herself in a new place, without money, and nowhere to go. In 2006 she stared funding to make a soccer team for the refugee kids to play on. Thus the Fugees were born.

Dealing with Differences

Even though Luma had assembled a team to play and they were all happy to be there she had to somehow convince them to follow her lead. Since she was a girl, and in most of the countries where these boys had come from girls were put down in society, none of them wanted to listen and establish order in the small group. She had a very different style from most coaches; she was very strict and had no room for error.
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A teenager plays soccer in a refugee camp