Ram Report

Small Steps Lead to Big Results


A very special thank you to all our coaches who stayed late Monday, Tuesday, tutored or held practice on Wednesday and then stayed late again on Thursday! We truly appreciate your dedication to our students. Please know that our students adore the ground you walk on. Coach Foster, Coach Edwards, Coach Johnson, and Coach Wise, you guys are the best!


Please submit your data requirements and projections to us by Tuesday January 26th. We will not meet with everyone this round, but we will still review your responses and projections. Please have everything completed and answered before we meet at your assigned time. Let us know if you find any discrepancies on the schedule. We added more time to ensure we do not rush anyone and gather your input. Your input is the most valuable piece of the conference, please don't be shy!


Tuesday - Data Meetings (Input & Feedback)

Wednesday - Tutoring (Keep documentation in Tutoring folder, but submit student log)

Thursday - Reading & Social Studies administer Common Assessments

Friday - Math and Science administer Common Assessments