Curtis Jobling


Drew is talking to his friends of the wolf council. When Gretchen is walking she was kidnapped by Lucas and they made a run for it. Drew and Whitley ran after them but a bad guy was in the way. The time the were done Lucas and Gretchen were gone.

Main Character

Drew is the main character and he is a werewolf. He is one of the strongest were lords in the series. his father is Weregar. Drew is the rightful king of lyssia but he dosn't want to be the king.

Rising Action

1 Gretchen was kidnapped.

2 Drew was on an adventurer to find Gretchen.

3 Drew had to fight like a gladiator and save Whitley.

4 Drew was captured by the rat lord Vanmorten

5 Battle of High stable


Drew was in a room with Vanmarton and some zombies. One was a friend and he had to kill him. The only way to get out of this mess was to chew his hand off. He did and went up stairs and he could here the cries of Vanmortan being killed by what he created. Drew was up stairs and he was picked up by a bird lord and brought to a ship.


Gretchen was kidnapped but then found.


To work together.

Nonfiction Connection


I chose this website because it involves were wolfs and lycanthropes.

1 were wolfs are also called Lycanthropes.

2 one of the oldest legends of human monsters.

3 There are records of trials of accused were wolfs throughout history.

4 Witches were accused of being were wolfs.

5 The first story of were wolfs was an ancient roman myth.

Shelly, Barclay. The history channal. N.p., 12 Mar. 2011. Web. 16 Jan. 2015. <http://www.historicmysteries.com/history-of-the-werewolf-legend/>.