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Notes from the Director

Preparations are being made in anticipation of parents visiting campus this Sunday. Deans, instructors, and students are excited for your arrival. I hope many of you will be able to visit with your child's teachers from 9:00am-11:00am in the Thomas Hall Cloisters. If you are unable to attend and would like an update on your child’s progress email our Academic Dean, Keith Thomas at and he will arrange a progress report for you.

This week brings a lot of exciting activities and assignments in our classes as camp begins to wind down. Here are a couple updates and reminders for this week:

1. Some of the performance based classes will be presenting their works of art during our Performance Night this Wednesday, July 17 at 7:30pm in Thomas Great Hall. Please note that Performance Night was originally planned for Thursday night but needed to be moved due to a conflict with Bryn Mawr College events. If your son/daughter has a performance class, you are welcome to attend the Performance Night Presentation. Check with your child to see if they’re in the Wednesday night performance.

2. Little Campers in our Day Program (ages 4-8) will celebrate their camp experience in a closing ceremony on Friday, 7/19 at 4:30pm in Thomas Hall room 110. This will be a joyful event where teachers and students will share their work, receive certificates for successful program completion, and watch a special presentation.

3. Our Final Ceremony for Residential and Commuter Students is on Saturday, 7/20 at 9:00am in Thomas Great Hall (same place as Parent Orientation). This will be a nice ceremony where students will share some of their work, receive certificates for successful program completion, and watch a video presentation of the wonderful memories they have made during the last three weeks. Students will be expected to sit with each other in the very front with their counselor groups. You and other family members are welcome to attend. All medication can be picked up at the conclusion of the final ceremony from the nurse who will be sitting in the back of the room. If your son/daughter is unable to attend our final ceremony, please call the office (484-265-1587) to let us know.

3. After or before the ceremony, you may move out your child from the residence hall. Bryn Mawr staff will be located at each dorm to collect your child's meal cards. Bryn Mawr will collect $15 for any lost meal cards and $50 for any lost keys.

4. Everyone is expected to be off campus by 11:00am as Bryn Mawr must quickly clean the dorm rooms and prepare for other camps to move in.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know! Enjoy!

Patti Coughlan
Site Director
SIG @ Bryn Mawr

Letter from Academia

This week has been full of academic explorations (academically speaking). We are lucky to have a very talented fencing teacher who continues to support and encourage our students to stretch their limits and fine-tune their skills. They along with many other campers will be showing off their new talents at our Performance Night on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at 7:30pm. This date is a change from our originally scheduled Thursday date. We apologize for the change but Bryn Mawr College recently informed of us of the unavailability of theatre space. Please make note of the new night and time.

Our new Day Program class “To the Rescue! There’s a Superhero in Everyone!” is designing their own comic called “SuperSIG”. This hero has several villains and sidekicks. Using a new and innovative technique, students evaluated their project’s status by paneling the comic using sidewalk chalk on a walkway on campus. This technique provided them with a view “in the large” that is generating interest from our other students who are eagerly waiting the comic’s unveiling. Additionally, our archers are really hitting their marks. Not only are they practicing their aim, but they are also developing an original game to showcase these skills. Meanwhile, “Technology” class has developed devices to solve major issues in the world today, from water filtration using recycled materials to reduction of invasive plant species. I could go on and on. The fact is our academic days are packed with learning and our students are enthusiastic. This is no summer camp it is a Summer Institute.

Residential Life - Livin' It Up!

Life On Campus…

Campers continue to enjoy residential life here at Bryn Mawr! In fact, this week we are excited to welcome two campers who have converted from “commuters” to “residential” students and three students who converted from “commuters” to “extended commuters”! If you are interested in more information regarding converting and moving into the dorms for the final week of SIG @ Bryn Mawr, contact Residential Dean, Courtney Baker.

As we finish our busy and fun-filled second week of camp, campers are being reminded to take the time to be responsible with cleanliness in the dorms and personal hygiene. Counselors have been monitoring and supporting students’ completion of laundry and room cleanliness. In preparation for parent visitation day, students had a room inspection on Friday night and the rooms are beginning to shape up!

We are also working with the students to continuously support them to keep track of their belongings and avoid losing room keys and meal cards. As our director explained, replacement of meal cards and keys can become expensive for parents, so please encourage your child to keep track of his or her card and key in this final week! Most are doing a good job! Since misplaced cards and keys do have a way of showing up, in the meantime, students are still allowed into the dining hall and are let into their room by the residential dean or housemaster.

Parent Visitation Day for Residential Parents

SIG Residential students and staff are looking forward to your visit! Residential students’ parents and families are welcome to visit the dorms anytime between 8:00am – 5:00pm. Come check out your child’s room all moved in and relax in the lounge or living room. Many parents enjoy spending the day off campus with their child enjoying what the local area has to offer!

Come meet us at the “Welcome Parents!” table in “Pem Arch” (outside the dorms) for information on the day and local options in the area. Make sure to ask for our brochure! The Parent Visitation Brochure which should already received via email, includes more information on things to do and places to eat and stay in the area.

To take your student off campus, you may sign your children out directly from “Pembroke Arch” or the “Rock Drafting Studio” office as early as 8:00am. We are asking that you sign your residential student back into the office by 7:00pm so that they may be here to support the much anticipated Student Talent Show. Keep in mind that if your child is participating in the talent show, he or she will want to be back for Talent Show Rehearsal from 4:00 pm – 5:30pm.


For being a gifted camp, some of us questioned if we weren't in a culinary program after seeing the amazing creations that students made during the SIG Iron Chef competition this past Sunday! The students had a limited amount of time and a wide variety of ingredients to use in order to make their culinary creation. Each group chose a theme for their creation! There were petting zoos, futuristic cities, playgrounds, and even a pirate ship! Some of the key food ingredients this year were icing, graham crackers, Italian bread loaves, and marshmallows. At the half way point in the competition, students were given and had to integrate a mystery item into their creation. The mystery item was celery stalks! Celery trees, slides, and canoes were created! The 2013 SIG Iron Chefs were the students of Jimmy’s counselor group! They created a futuristic city that was plagued with pollution. The presentation of the culinary creation and the background story was very interesting and well thought out. It relayed the message to the students that we must take care of our environment so our world doesn’t end up like their deadly, pollution-infested world.

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Notes from the Office Manager

The second week of camp flew by! I was thrilled to not only be the office manager this week, but also "DJ Tiffany Styles" for the decades dance! What a great week!

Commuter/Day parents: Please make sure you continue to put the orange sign in your window with your last name written on it!

Parent Visitation Day is on Sunday, July 14, 2013. If your child has misplaced anything, there is a lost and found in the office. Feel free to stop by on Sunday to check for any missing items.

We are looking forward to a great last week of camp!

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