College/career project

by: Caitlin bishop


I would like to work in the medical field as a surgeon.

Some specific areas in this field are nursing, surgeons, pediatricians.

Yearly the medical field gets played $29,610

Hourly the pay is $14.12

For 40 hours you can get paid $564.80

For 50 working weeks with 40 hours a week the pay is $28.240

My monthly income will be $24,675


For my education i would like to go to A&M .

The United States Congress founded Texas a and m on April 17, in 1871.

Some academics at A&M include majors, such as, businesses, management, marketing, engineering, agriculture, operations, and related sciences.

Scholarships offered are academic scholarships, some scholarship programs are ASPIRE, century scholars program, national scholars, and terry foundation scholars.

Some dorms that are available are the Callaway house, tradition at north gate, and the Schumacher all.

Why is A&M a good fit for me?

Texas A&M is a good fit for me because there is on campus living, and it would be easy to get to my classes. within the dorms there are restaurants, and a cafeteria. There are classes that i would need to take in order to get my doctors degree. There are also sports, such as soccer, that i can play during college, and they provide transportation for the athletes.

10 facts about Texas A&M

1. The A&M colors are maroon and white.

2. The mascot at A&M is Reveille, a collie dog.

3. More than 600 engineers have graduated from Texas A&M at Qatar since 2007.

4. TAMU was established in 1876.

5. Texas A&M was the state's first public institution of high education.

6. Texas A&M is on 5,200 acres of land.

7. The first day of class at Texas A&M was 10/4/1876

8. The inaugural class of Texas A&M at Qatar began on 7 Sept. 2003, with 29 students, of whom 24 were Qatari and 15 of these were female students

9. Texas A&M stands as a research-intensive flagship university dedicated to sending Aggie leaders out into the world prepared to take on the challenges.

10. Texas A&M at Qatar has more than 20 student organizations and clubs representing students’ diversified interests that range from academic activities to entertainment