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Class of 2029

Dear Wonderful Kindergarten Students and Learning Coaches,

Can you believe we are already 6 whole weeks into the school year?? This year is already going by way too quickly! There are only 15 more school days until the Fall Break! We can do it! Keep up the fabulous work!

Please make sure that you are following the Road Map each week (see below) and completing and marking off the lessons and taking the lessons checkpoints and unit assessments as they are on the Road Map. Please follow the daily plan for Phonics, Handwriting, Art, and Music. You should complete 1 Math + Blue Appendix lesson per week until it is completed. Please remember that students should be completing 6.5 hours of school work each day. This includes about 90 minutes of PE per week (about 15-20 minutes each day.)

Have a great weekend and please reach out to your teachers with any questions or concerns.


Your Kindergarten Team

Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

This year, we will be launching Google Apps for Education, including Google Classroom, at TNVA!! All of our students will have access to their very own Google Apps for Education (GAFE) accounts and Google Classrooms, that your teachers will create. Google Apps for Education is a cloud-based productivity suite that includes many familiar types of Microsoft Office tools. The biggest and best difference is the ability for teachers and students to collaborate on assignments, discussions, and projects in real time. The tool of Google Classroom, we hope, will boost organization & communication between teachers, Learning Coaches, and students. Additionally, time will be saved, on both parts of the Learning Coaches & students and the teachers, due to the simplified process of assigning individual or group work, making class announcements, or posting class discussions all in one, stationary, uniform location. As the year progresses, so will our knowledge about GAFE and Google Classroom. We look forward to embarking on this EdTech-initiative with you all.

Due to the age of our Kindergarten students, combined with the cloud-based aspect of GAFE, we would like to take an extra precaution with our younger students. Please, keep in mind that GAFE and Google Classroom are web-based platforms for learning, just like the OLS. Students will have to access the internet in order to login to their Google Classrooms and their GAFE accounts. As with the OLS, we expect Learning Coaches to be present with their K-2 students during the school day and monitoring their engagement with online materials and classes. Below is a permission form that you will need to sign in order to give your student access to his or her Google Apps for Education account and Google Classroom. You will need to complete a separate form for each student you have enrolled in GRADES K-2. Each grade, K-2, has their own specific form. Be sure to get the correct form from your child's homeroom teacher. If you have any questions, please reach out to your child's homeroom teacher. Thank you very much for helping us ensure the digital-safety of our youngest TNVA students.

Kindergarten GAFE Permission Form:

Changes with Class Connect Classes Beginning Next Week

The kindergarten teachers and administration team have come up with a plan in order to help you and your student get the most out of our virtual school environment. We will be changing your student's Class Connect schedule beginning on Monday, September 19th. Your student will be invited to two Social Studies and two Science Classes each week: Science Class Connects on Monday/Tuesday; Social Studies Class Connects on Wednesday/Thursday. There will be no change in your student's current ELA or Math Class Connect schedule. This will reduce the number of hours your student is required to be in live class sessions each day.

We will also be using Google Classrooms in the coming weeks for asynchronous work that will be both useful to you and your student. The work in Google Classrooms will also be required and count as part of your student's attendance grade. We will update you as we implement this platform into our virtual environment.

We want you and your student to thrive and be successful in our virtual environment. In order to help you achieve your student's goals, we will be sharing tips and tricks to assist you and your student in being successful. We will be doing this by sharing resources through Google Classrooms and Homeroom Time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your student's homeroom teacher.

Road Maps for the Week of September 19

Our Class Connect Schedule is as follows: Mondays through Thursdays—Class 1 from 10-11am EST, Class 2 from 11am-12pm EST, Class 3 from 12:30-1:30pm EST, and Class 4 from 1:30-2:30pm EST.

These sessions are taught live and your student is required to attend. If you are not able to attend the session, please contact your homeroom teacher as soon as possible. The classes are also recorded for you to review in case you have to be absent for a session or you need to go back and review.

Students should be following the Road Maps below in Math Plus Blue, Literature and Comprehension, Language Skills, Science, Social Studies, and History.

Students should be following the OLS Daily Plan for Handwriting, Phonics, Art, and Music.

Students should complete 1 Math + Blue Appendix Lesson per week.

Math Plus Blue

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ELA - Literature and Comprehension and Language Skills

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Social Studies / History

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History Progress in the OLS

History progress in your OLS may be low right now because we have not had History lessons on the Road Map. History lessons on the Road Map are coming soon! Do not worry about this yet!


Class Connects are required and make up 35% of your student’s overall grade. Students have 1 week from the date of the live class that was missed to turn in all work.

In order to make up a required class connect class, please make sure to do the following:

· Have your student watch the full recorded session.

· There will be a code word that your teacher gives you during the session.

· Email the teacher of the session that you have missed. Make sure to include the code word.

· Please make sure to attach any work assigned in the class to the teacher of the session.

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Important Dates

October 7 - End of 1st 9 Weeks Instruction/Student Outing Day

October 10 - 14 - Fall Break (No School!)

October 17 - Beginning of 2nd 9 Weeks Instruction

November 7 - No School for Students Professional Development Meetings for Teachers

November 8 - Election Day (No School!)

November 23 - 25 - Thanksgiving Holidays (No School!)

December 9 - Student Outing Day

December 21 - January 1 - Winter Break (No School!)

TNVA Strong Start Website and Parent / Student Handbook

Please check out the TNVA Strong Start website and the Parent / Student Handbook for information regarding required class connect classes, attendance guidelines, important dates, school calendar, and much, much more!

TNVA Strong Start Website -

Parent / Student Handbook -

Weekly Reminders

· Check Email DAILY!

· Input attendance and progress DAILY (6.5 hours each day, 90 minutes of PE per week)

· Homeroom Time is held every Monday at 9:30am (EST). LC’s, this is the perfect time to come ask any questions!

Fun Websites

Your Kindergarten Teachers

Bobbi Brock-Cobb, Social Studies -
Shaunda Fourakre, ELA -
Jessica Greear, Math -
Katherine Turner, Science -
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