Web Authoring Software


Hyperlinks are used to jump from one place to another. Using hyperlinks you can:

  • move from one place to another on the same webpage or slide
  • move to another page on the same website or slide
  • move to a completely different website or slide

Hyperlinks can be textual or graphical.

Textual hyperlinks are simply words on a website which are in blue and underlined. When you click on them you are moved to a different place.

Graphical hyperlinks are graphics (pictures, photographs etc'.) which you click on to move to a different place. They look like ordinary graphics except when the cursor moves over them, it usually turns into a pointing hand.


Web authoring software can format text in a similar way to word-processing or DTP software. Using web authoring software you can:

  • alter fonts
  • produce bullet-ed lists
  • create tables and columns of text
  • add borders and shading


Frames are used to split a window into sections. Using frames you can display to or more webpages at a time. You do not need to have whole pages in a frame as you can just use part of each page in each frame.