Ariana Grande

A biography by: Madison Lowery

Basic Information

Ariana Grande was born in Boca Raton, Florida on June 26,1993.

Grande is a sitcom-star-turned.

Impact on Society

  • Ariana Grande's career started in 2008 when the role as Charlotte in the Original Broadway cast of 13 yrs old.
  • The most pop songs are Problem and Bang Bang.
  • She started a role about the age of 15.

The events that happened in her life

  1. She is a go singer and has good songs.
  2. She has lots of fans and fan clubs.
  3. This is sad that she has died her hair so many times that it falls out!!!

Her career!!!

  • She plays on a lot of movie like "Sam and Cat" and "Victorious." Her name is Cat Valentine. She has really red hair in the t.v. shows.
  • She is like a big super star for teen music and she is the coolest teen singer in the state.

Her Overcoming Obstacles.

Making a singing career and and she is finding a music career.

Why i chose this person

Because i love her songs and her style and the way she rights her music

Works cited

  1. She has a good acting career.
  2. She has a good voice for singing.
  3. She gets good money so she can go on tours for her band to all around the world.