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August 3, 2020

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Board of Education Meeting Highlights

On Tuesday July 28, 2020 Dr. Meloche presented to the board our district plan for the reopening of school, WE Return to Learn 2020. Families are encourage to watch the video of the Board of Education meeting and review the presentation. Additional information regarding the reopening of schools can be found on the WE Return to Learn 2020 link on the district website. In addition, Dr. Meloche has provided an updated Continuity of Learning Companion Document which provides additional details. Below you will find some highlights from the information shared during the meeting. Dr. Meloche and the Board of Education members noted that while this is the plan we will move forward with as a district, there is always a potential that external circumstances could create a need to modify the plan in the future.

Genesis Parent Portal Survey

An important message was sent to all families regarding a parent survey which needs to be completed by August 4, 2020. Please log into your Parent Portal Account and complete a separate survey for each of your children attending Cherry Hill Public Schools. The information from this survey will be used to make decisions regarding scheduling of cohort groups and will enable all levels to work together to support families with students at multiple levels.

If you have forgotten your password for the parent portal, please click the "Forgot my Password" button and enter the email address you have provided to us previously. A temporary password will be emailed to you. If you do not receive an email within 30 minutes or are experiencing another problem, please email and include your child's student ID number or name. You can also send an email to Ms. Bartolome in the main office at Cooper for assistance.

Hybrid Learning Plan

The 2020-2021 school year will begin for students on Tuesday September 8, 2020. As of today, the district is preparing for a hybrid learning model which includes 2 in-person instructional days and 3 remote learning days each week. More information regarding the structure of the hybrid schedule can be found below.
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Full Remote Learning Option

All families have the option to select a full remote learning plan for their children. The students participating in full remote learning will still be assigned to either Cohort A or Cohort B and will follow the schedule as described below.
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Special Education Services

Students eligible for in-class resource support and resource replacement instruction will be assigned to the cohorts in the hybrid learning schedule and will continued to receive support from both their general education and special education teachers.

Students eligible for specialized programs such as autism support, behavioral and emotional support, multiply disabled, and language and learning disabilities will attend the remote Collaborative Learning Day on Mondays and in-person learning days Tuesday-Friday.

Health and Safety Highlights

The building principals are working closely with district administrators, the facilities department, and custodial staff to prepare our building for the start of school. The Road Back plan from the NJ Department of Education is guiding our preparations. Dr. Meloche's presentation to the Board of Education helped to answer some questions from the community about practices that will be in place to keep students and staff safe. Students are encouraged to begin practicing wearing masks prior to school opening and are encouraged to bring 1-2 extra masks to school in case their mask is lost or damaged. We will provide a mask if needed. The district will also be providing each staff member and student with a reusable mask. (see below)
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Preparations to Pivot to Full Remote Learning

As a district we will be prepared to pivot to a full remote learning for all students should the need arise. We will make an effort to have students bring materials home (if we have advance notice of a necessary school closure.) If we are required to switch to full remote learning at any point, the Cooperative Learnings Days (Mondays) will continue as scheduled. During the remote learning days Tuesday-Friday teachers will continue to conduct daily class meetings.

Community Questions & Concerns

I understand that this is a unique and challenging situation for all of our students, staff and parents. Although we have all been impacted by school closures, the degree and scope of that impact ranges depending on our individual situations. My goal is to support your family during the difficult time. Whether you decide to utilize the hybrid model of instruction or you decide that a full remote option is best for your child, the teachers and I will be here for you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions.
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