Isabel's Smore

By Isabel

Another Cinderella Story

Once upon a time there lived a witch called Cruella but she was evil. Cruella turned the Cinderella story into a twist.

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Paragraph 2

The witch turned Cinderella into evil and the Stepsisters and the Stepmum onto good. Cinderella ruled the world and made her Stepsisters into slaves. Her Stepmum was her slave to.

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Paragraph 3

The sisters tried to think of a plan to stop Cinderella. Then one of Cinderella’s Stepsisters thought of a plan. She said, “We need to kill the witch if we want to break the spell”. Cinderella’s Step mum said, “We have to find Cruella”.

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Paragraph 4

So they travelled the world to find Cruella but they couldn’t find her.Then the smartest thing popped into Cinderella’s Step mums mind. She said, “ She must have a secret hideaway”.

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Paragraph 5

So they came across a dark thick forest. One of the Stepsisters said, “Look over there it looks like a secret passage way”. The Stepsisters and Step mum said, “ Lets go through the passage way”.

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Paragraph 6

So they went through the passage way and saw the witch Cruella, who was creating the most devious potion. The potion would cause death.

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Paragraph 7

They crept behind Cruella quietly, pushed the potion and threw it on her. Within minutes Cruella was dead on the floor.

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Paragraph 8

Cruella’s fatal death had finally come. The Cinderella twist had finally ended and life was back the way it was

The End

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