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How can the progression of time create change

Change in Characters


In the story the cannibals are made out to be the bad guys. In this "new world" the animals have been wiped out and the vegetation is no longer existent. They roam around the new world looking for food (people) to eat. In the "ordinary world" these people would have never of thought to eat another human but there a change happened and over time it led them to be cannibals.

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Mothers Relationship

In the beginning of this "new world" the mother was pregnant with the her son. Before the new world the women and man had planned a child. As the progression of her pregnancy in the new world happens her water brakes and she doesn't want to birth the child. As some years pass the mother leaves the man and the boy and she eventually dies.
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The Father and Son Relationship

As the man and the boy continue to live in the new world they become closer and closer with every situation that happens. The man says that the boy is his only hold on life and if something happened to the boy, nothing would stop the man from death.
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"He felt with his thumb in the painted wood of the mantel the pinholes from tacks that had once held stockings forty years ago"

In the text above on page 26 the man returns to his home were he grew up and his memories start coming back to him. He remembers the stockings above the mantel and that he had his Christmas memories there. On page 27 the explains that he's scared and the man says its alright. We shouldn't have come. This means that all those memories long ago had an effect on him to say it was a bad to have come there.
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