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"Determined people working together can achieve anything."

This made me think of Paul Gasser's message last week...

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#HighFives #Fistbumps: What are YOU grateful for?

#FistBumps and thank you to Kate, Kristie, Vicki, Jenni, and Becky for all your help in the classroom. You all are a great team to work with. I am very thankful to have you help in the classroom. You rock! (Emily)

#HighFive, #FistBump to Micki for taking the time to teach me some great things she learned at the tech conference. (Miranda)

A huge #HighFive to Micki for an amazing Author Skype with Debbie Ohi. The kindergarteners loved it !! What an amazing experience! (The K team)

#HighFive and #FistBump to Abby Fotzler for helping a student on my caseload at lunch to get out of a negative thought process through her humor! (Miranda)

Huge, huge #FistBumps, #HighFives, #cartwheels - to Sarah L. for being flexible and willing to man the fort down on Monday. Whew - thank you Sarah!

Also - big #HighFives and #cartwheels for LouAnn and her professionalism to go above and beyond to make her lesson plans so very detailed and complete. So much appreciated. (Jean)

Please send a #FistBump & #HighFive out to Tina Stimpson and Alison Klein who helped me with a student and a "lake" issue in the library last week. And the great janitorial staff (Karla and Donna) who helped clean it up! Sometimes it takes a village.....:) (Denise)

#HIghFives to Marcia for her superb grant writing skills! (LOVE your K team)

#FistBumps to Laurie W. for going above and beyond with our students and their needs as well as helping out their family! (K team)

#HighFives to Miranda and Trish for humoring my office supply geekiness last week! #notebooks #MechanicalPencils A special thanks to Miranda for giving me a sample to fully hook me on her latest find! (Leah)

#FistBumps and Thank you's for attending the teacher portion of Paul's presentation! Whether it was a refresher for you or something new, he has a lot of great information to offer!

Also, a HUGE thank you and #HighFive to Emily Brunton, Jen Johnson, Leah, and Niki for their help with the parent workshop! (Tracy)

#HighFives & #FistBumps to all who helped fill in with all of the absences this past week! It is always wappreciated and doesn't unnoticed. (Kim & Jody)

#FistBumps & @HighFives to Laurie Walker for making eye appointments & arranging transportation for a Winskill family. Thank you for going the extra mile for our kids, Laurie. #YouMatter

#HighFive & #FistBump to Micki for taking the time to teach me some great things she learned at the tech conference. (Miranda)

#Fistbump to Miranda for taking that knowledge and making an app that is going to be a huge help to Niki & I with ODRs. (Leah)

#HighFive to Tracy for all of the work that she put into making the Love & Logic sessions with Paul Gasser happen last week. Paul's message to the parent group was very well received and they were very interested in having him return in the spring.

#FistBumps to all of the staff who participated in the teacher session held after school. While many of us have seen him before, there seems to always be a new situation or issue that his insight helps to shed new light upon.

#HighFives to the students in Mrs. Moefu's classroom for their outstanding leadership each morning with the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance!

Major #HighFives and #FistBumps​ to Kim, Jody, Laurie, Tracy, and Niki for holding down the fort last week while I was attending the SLATE conference that I had no idea that things were a bit nutty back here. My gratitude knows no limits- I'm so blessed to work with such a dynamic team. I also want to thank everyone who helped them last week!

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Kid Snippets: "Catching Santa" (Imagined by Kids)

Looking ahead...please be sure to share any events you'd like to add

Monday, December 14

Guest Pledge Leaders: Mrs. Price's class

ACCESS testing

4K PLC @1:00

K-5 RtI meeting @3:30 Angie's room

FOW meeting @6:30

Tuesday, December 15

SpEd PLC mtg @8:15

Admin mtg @9:00

1st gr PLC @11:00

5th gr PLC @2:15

Homework Club @3:15 (lunchroom)

Wednesday, December 16

4th gr PLC @8:15

3rd gr PLC @9:15

Kdg PLC @10:45

3rd grade Music Performance @Orchard Manor at 1:30

Faculty Leadership Mtg- @3:30 in library

Thursday, December 17

2/3 Thoughtful Thursday @8:15 Presentation Room

4/5 Thoughtful Thursday @9:20 Presentation Room

2nd gr PLC @10:20

Homework Club @3:15 (lunchroom)

Friday, December 18

Observation @8:15

Leave your lunchbox at home today! The office team will be providing lunch for all!

**With the shortened week, teams may decide to not hold their regularly team/PLC meetings next week.

Monday, December 21

"Wear Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Day"

K-2 RtI mtg @3:30 in Title 1 room

"Non-Mystery Bus Outing" at Linda McKelvey's

Tuesday, December 22

"Bring on the Bling Day" Deck yourself in your glitziest jewelry and sparkles!

All School Singalong @8:30

Holiday Parties in pm

*No Homework Club

Wednesday, December 23

"We're Gettin' Out Wednesday" Dress for comfort today!

Early Dismissal @11:45 am

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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