Paige Mathews

I know I can do this

Who I am

I am a four-teen year old lady who attends East Hills Middle School. Some of my interrest are drawing, helping children,cheerleading, basketball , playing guitar, attending church, and learning about god. My skills are reading music, singing, tumbling, I have high morals and standards. I believe in honesty, and integrity. I believe you should treat others how you want to be treated.

Where I am going


My career as a teacher involves educating kindergarden through fifth grade. My median salary is 40 to 43,000. My job outlook is to make sure my students are able to read and wright. Out of the six-teen clusters my job as a teacher would be education and training. My work enviorment involves working with kids constantly on the go, jumping, playing, laughing, and learning. My work schedule involves lesson plans, regarding, reading, writing, and, math to be taught daily on a schedule from eight to three. I love kids, and helping others and thats what drove me to be a teacher, to help children be the best they can be.

How Do I Get There

I plan on attending the University of Arkansas Fort Smith. It is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. UAFS is located close to home. I would receive a Bachelor degree in Education. Cost of tuition per credit hour for in state $133 per credit hour. I would apply for the Arkansas lottery scholarship, Arkansas Academic Challenge and possibly a cheerleading scholarship.