Pre-K News

October 21-25


We are still getting some questions and concerns. Here are the parent expectations effective Monday, October 28th.

* First row of parking in the back lot is reserved for PreK parents only.

* AM: Drop off in the regular school line of cars, in the back, between 8 and 8:15. Teachers are not necessarily in their classrooms if your child arrives earlier than 8:00.

PM: Drop off is at 12:20. Parents need to park, walk their child to the fence, and wait until there is a teacher available to bring their child inside.

* AM: Pick up at the fence at 11:00.

PM: Pick up at the fence at 3:00.

If you are running late, you will need to park in the front of the building and pick your child up in the main office.

* You are responsible for helping keep your child safe in the school parking lot.

* Please use crosswalk with your child in hand to return to your car. You will need to cross and then walk BEHIND the parked cars.

* AM: When leaving the lot we now need you to PULL FORWARD TOWARDS THE PLAYGROUND! Be vigilant of families using the crosswalk.

PM: Carefully back out of your parking spot, being vigilant of families walking to their vehicles.

* IT IS ILLEGAL TO USE CELL PHONES WHILE DRIVING IN A SCHOOL ZONE (that includes on school property). You may ONLY use phones while parked and waiting for your child.

You can be ticketed for this behavior. Several parents have been reported using cell phones at arrival and dismissal. We are required to report this to local law officials. "Caught in the act" by the police is not required to get a ticket. All they need is staff report and your license plate number. Please follow this rule for the safety of everyone on school property.

THANK YOU for your continued support of our PreK program and for keeping our students safe.


TREES! TREES! TREES! This week we learned about what grows in trees! We found out that lots of our favorite fruits and nuts grow in trees. We had discussions about how trees and plants/bushes/vines are different when asked about things like strawberries, green beans, and grapes. We had a taste test to see if we liked apples or bananas better! Pretty even results across the board!

We will NOT be focusing on trees next week. Halloween will be in full swing! We will be making pumpkins and bats, reading fun Halloween stories, and doing some candy corn sorting! We will resume our regular curriculum on Monday, November 4th.


I WENT SHOPPING: We talked about letters and words using print found on food boxes and labels.

NONSENSE NAMES: This was a rhyming activity. Kids like to create silly rhyming words.

APPLESAUSE: Speaks for itself!! We followed a recipe and made some yummy applesauce for snack!

SAME SOUND SORT: Using a variety of objects, we talked about starting sounds being different or the same.

ALPHABET CARDS: Making connections between letters, sounds, and objects.


This week we re-read some of our favorites...Henny Penny, Who Lives in Trees?, Trees Count, and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! Repetition is necessary for kids. Each time we read it, different parts of the book are discussed. We use a different level of questioning. We ask more and more detailed questions each time. The kids are starting to see that we will approach each story time differently if using the same book. It's empowering for them to already know the story. The curiosity is not in the story now, it's in "what are they going to ask me about the story today?" It's fun to see how their minds work!



Riddle dee dee, riddle dee dee.

Can you make a rhyme with me?

I say ball, you say fall (teacher says the two rhyming words).

ball, fall, _____, _____, _____ (kids try and come up with more rhyming words.

Riddle dee dee, riddle dee dee.

Can you make a rhyme with me?

I say hat, you say mat.

hat, mat, _____, ______, _____.


The kids are introduced to a sound every week. Sounds are introduced in a very specific order that helps facilitate early literacy skills. The program uses songs, stories, hand motions, and activities to allow plenty of practice with these sounds. This week was the "i" sound. Our next one is the "p" sound.


AM classes will be after the parade on Thursday October 31st (PM welcome to walk in the parade with us, but will need to be picked up ASAP afterwards. Thanks!)

PM classes will be on Tuesday October 29th (due to no school on the 30th and 31st)