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Thursday - November 18th, 2021

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Thank you for attending BIA’s International Festival. We had over 90% of our students and their families in attendance! It was great seeing the performances of the students and having families and friends in the gymnasium! Our next big night is Thursday, December 16th for our Christmas Program, “Christmas Around the World.”

Parent Teacher Conferences are tonight from 3:30-7:00 pm and tomorrow from 9:00 am-12:00 noon. It is vital to meet with the teacher to be updated on the progress of your child’s education.

A Story of Living Thanks by Heidi Mann

“Thank You!” I exuded, after receiving a hefty bag of homegrown tomatoes. I set the produce on the kitchen floor; I would attend to it shortly. But I got distracted - for days.

Finally, I lifted the bag to make use of the gift, and the bottom fell out. Many of the tomatoes, had become squishy, their juices soaking the paper beneath them. Instead of making good use of the generous gift, I was left cleaning up rotten tomatoes and throwing many of the veggies away.

We do the same with God’s gifts: “I’ll practice piano month…” until soon we don’t remember how to play at all. We pass up chances to visit someone dear and, when she moves away, regret squandering the friendship. We opt to sleep in instead of attending worship, unaware of the gifts of God’s Word and Christian fellowship.

Next time I receive something - from God or anyone else - may the Spirit help me not just give THANKS but LIVE THANKS by using and enjoying the gift!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Mr. Landgrave

Upcoming Events:

Upcoming events:

Tonight 18th - - Parent teacher conferences 3:30-7:00

Tomorrow 19th - - No School Parent Teacher Conferences 9:00 am -12:00 noon

Wed, Thu, and Fri - - 24-26 - No School - Thanksgiving break

Did You Know???

No other lakefront community in Chicago has as many beaches as Rogers Park (10), not even the trendy neighborhoods of Edgewater or Lincoln Park immediately to its south. If you love the outdoors then there’s no better place to live in Chicago than in the community of Rogers Park, with its extensive lakefront green space, unique street-end beaches, and incomparable morning sun rises over the lake.

Middle School Youth Group!

Bethesda Middle School Students & High School Alumni Are Invited to Join the St. Philip Youth Group...Faith Alive!

Save the date for the next Youth Group Meeting

  • "Youthgiving" - Food Signup Coming Soon

November 19th from 4 -5:15pm

  • Regular Meeting

December 8th from 5 -6pm

It's FUN!

PLUS - there will be SNACKS!

Feel Free to Bring Friends!

For more information, please contact

Youth Director, Caleb Williamson

Youth Webpage

Hard Hat Winner...Esther Gomez

Esther always comes to class with a smile. She is kind and nice. She works very hard on her studies, she never gives up. Everyday, seven and half hours, five days a week she is ready to learn AND she is always in a good mood. Esther loves to help her fellow students, she cares for them and is patient with them. Congrats, Esther.

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A Note from our Director of Marketing & Enrollment - Mrs. Bateman

Share the news! There is no better time to join the BIA community! Test scores are up...and rising, our updated campus is inviting, and our students are happier than ever. We'd so appreciate you sharing your BIA experience with friends and neighbors Thank you for choosing to invest in your child's academic, spiritual, social, and emotional future at BIA! We currently have limited spots open in a few of our grades...and we'd love to fill those. If you have family or friends who are interested, please direct them to myself ( or have them call the school office. We'd love a introduction, and as always, are thankful for your help in spreading the word about BIA.

Here's what our preschoolers are thankful for...

Thank you, mom and dad for investing in my future at BIA!

Thought of the Week:

A recipe for a thankful heart: one cup of true love, two cups of kindness, three cups of grace, a teaspoon of patience and forgiveness, and a pinch of zest for living. That’s the kind of thanksgiving meal we’re cooking in our lives together.

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Chapel Offerings This Month Support...

Our local Food Pantry. This month we have collected $30 through our weekly chapel offerings.

This Week in Chapel with Mr. Landgrave

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BIA Virtual Tour FINAL

Consider sending our supporters a Thank You!

I urge parents to send thank you letters to the following organizations that generously provide funds to keep the BIA education affordable.


CLEF - 861 S. Church Road, Besenville, IL. 60106

English District - 33100 Freedom Road, Farmington, MI. 48336

Bethesda Lutheran Church - 6803 N. Campbell Avenue, Chicago, IL. 60645