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September 2018

In this edition:

  • Curriculum and Instruction: Common Instructional Framework
  • Curriculum and Instruction: Social Studies Strategies Webpage
  • Curriculum and Instruction: Achieve3000 Social Studies Alignment
  • Curriculum and Instruction: Constitution Day
  • State Testing: Ohio Test Prep Blended Learning Modules
  • Student Programs: High School Mock Trial
  • Student Programs: Middle and High School Debate


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Columbus City Schools' Common Instructional Framework

The Curriculum Division supports teaching and learning practices in alignment with the Columbus City Schools' Common Instructional Framework (CIF). The CIF is designed to provide support and direction for all teachers across content and grade levels. It is to set the vision for high quality teaching and learning and provide district-wide common language around how we will fulfill the district mission and reach our goals. The CIF has four components:

  1. Literacy;
  2. High Impact Strategies;
  3. Blended & Universal Design for Learning; and
  4. Social Emotional Learning.

The CIF aligns with and supports our ongoing instructional initiatives in social studies--inquiry learning, disciplinary literacy/thinking, and civic engagement. Throughout the year, we will work through various protocols to implement and assess our classroom practices in light of the CIF.


Social Studies Strategies Webpage

The Social Studies Strategies web page provides a curated collection of 50 teaching and learning strategies for social studies organized into five categories:
  • entrance and exit tickets;
  • evidence-based argumentation;
  • historical concepts and events;
  • social studies skills and primary sources; and
  • discussion and deliberation.

This page also includes a list of 25 teacher resource websites with lesson plans and sources.

The tools and strategies on this page can assist you in meeting the indicators of each component of the CCS Common Instructional Framework.


Achieve3000 Social Studies Curriculum Alignment

Achieve3000 is the CCS adopted literacy digital platform. All students in grades 6-9 in CCS have access to complete Achieve 3000 modules online. Additionally, all teachers have access to locate and print articles and questions from the Achieve 3000 database. Teachers can log-in to Achieve through Clever using their CCS username and password.

Social Studies teachers will find many articles in Achieve 3000 that align with topics in the social studies curriculum. These articles can help students build literacy skills and learn social studies concepts. To access and print relevant articles, use the search box and enter relevant keywords or article titles. The documents below include aligned articles for middle and high school social studies for each grading period.


Constitution Day, September 17, 2018

September 17 is Constitution Day. The purpose of Constitution Day is to commemorate the signing of the supreme law of the land in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787. Federal law requires that all schools receiving federal funds hold an educational program for their students on September 17 of each year.

Teacher Resources:

Interactive Student Resources:


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Ohio Test Prep Blended Learning Modules

For teachers of HS American History and American Government, Ohio Test Prep provides online modules designed for blended and flipped classroom models. These modules use a four-step BEST (Build, Explore, Sharpen, Test) method for unpacking and mastering learning targets.
  • BUILD Background Knowledge - Begin each lesson by understanding important terms to know to master the learning targets.
  • EXPLORE Key Concepts and Ideas - Use the video tutorials and readings to unpack the underpinning concepts and ideas that lead to learning target mastery.
  • SHARPEN Social Studies Skills - Interact with primary and secondary sources to sharpen your skills in document analysis and using evidence.
  • TEST Your Understanding - Practice with interactive games, then take the mastery assessments to show what you know.

Ohio Test Prep units are directly aligned to the CCS Curriculum Maps. This allows teachers to make use of the digital modules alongside face-to-face classroom instruction throughout the course.

The curated collection of interactive digital tutorials and assessments in Ohio Test Prep are drawn from the following content providers: Common Lit, DocsTeach, Edulastic, iCivics, Khan Academy, and Quizlet.


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High School Mock Trial 2018-2019

Ohio Mock Trial offers an innovative approach to learning about law and how our legal system functions. Guided by teachers and volunteer legal advisors, students participate in an original, unscripted, simulated trial written by attorneys. High school students argue both sides of the case in real courtrooms. For more information about Mock Trial, see the following webpage:

To compete in the Ohio Mock Trial program, each school needs a team advisor. The advisor position is a supplemental contract granted by the building principal. The pay for the position is established by Article 905.01 (Group B) of the Master Agreement. If you are interested in advising a Mock Trial team at your school, please speak with your building principal regarding this position. Principals should complete the supplemental contract appointment form and submit it to Human Resources. Also, please contact Matt Doran as soon as possible so we can order case materials for your team. The cost of case materials and team competition are covered by the Social Studies Office. Substitute requests should be submitted by the building administration as a "Student Activity Sub" request.


Middle and High School Debate

CCS offers Policy Debate at the middle and high school levels. The middle school program is coordinated by the Gifted & Talented Department. The high school program began last year, under the organization of the Secondary Curriculum ELA and Social Studies Departments. Both programs are supported by Capital University's debate program and coach.

Stay tuned for more details about this year's winter debate program and topics. In the meantime, begin recruiting your debate teams now!


Matthew I. Doran

Secondary Social Studies Specialist

Office of Teaching & Learning

Curriculum Division

Linmoor Education Center