Cheap cosplay

When cosplay is too expensive don't give up.

Problems every cosplayer faces

Cosplay can be extremely difficult in some places, sometimes cosplay can be really expensive, almost to the point where some people quit all together. This means that some people, who could be amazing cosplayers, just quit because of the price tags! There are plenty of ways you can make your cosplay cheap yet has high quality.

Ways to not have a 'money problem' with your cosplay

-Start saving up some cash (every penny counts)

-shop at less expensive stores for cosplay pieces (goodwill, thrift shops, pawn shops)

-reuse old clothes and design them to your cosplay as needed

-try using makeup or body paint to make your cosplay have that 'realistic' effect instead of using only clothes

-Bringing your character too life isn't as hard as you think so you can reuse other things from other cosplay as well, whatever fits the part can work

-remember, it's about having fun, not about what's the best

Cheap cosplay ideas

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to cosplay as a specific character/anime? No, you can cosplay as just about everything, you can be anything with cosplay.

Do I have to purchase a costume online? You can, but most people make their costumes.

Do you have to go to conventions in order to cosplay? Of course not, conventions can be extremely expensive in most cases, you can cosplay and just go out and have fun, no one has to go to conventions, but it is fun too.

What if someone has a better cosplay then me? Am I a bad cosplayer? Well some people have had more practice with cosplay, so it makes sense if they have a better design, but all that matters is if your cosplay makes you happy and you're having fun.