Tips from the Tech Guy

April 23, 2013

iHelpU Online

Check out iHelpUOnline - it's got resources for using the tech in your classroom. It focuses on Macs and iPads, but also touches on other things. Look around the site, then head to the Contact Us page and let us know what you think. You can also leave tutorial suggestions :-)

Tech Tips for the Classroom

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the technology in your classroom? Unprepared? Untrained? We feel your pain. Tech Tips for the Classroom is a new series at iHelpUOnline that is designed to help you out. Warning - the first article will make some people really mad, but please stick with it and I think you'll find some things to help you out!

App Spotlight - animoto

Animoto is a great way to make video slideshows. You can add pictures, videos, and text. They have some great themes, too. The free version only lets you make 30 second videos, but teachers can get a free pro account here. They also have a free iphone app (that you can use on an ipad).

App Spotlight - Monosnap

Monosnap is a great app for taking and annotating screenshots. It works on Mac, Windows, and iOS. It's similar to Skitch without the ties to Evernote. It's free for all platforms. Bridgeport users can get the Mac version in Self-Service.

10 Apps for More Organized Project-Based Learning

Here's an article about some great apps to help you organize project-based learning.

Write That Down - Using the iPad as a Paper Replacement

Would you like to go paperless in your classroom? Would you like to use your iPad more? Does it bug you to do things on paper when every student has an iPad? Check out this article to learn how to move away from pen and paper and start using your iPads more.

Flipped Classroom Webinar

Would you like to learn more about flipped classrooms? Sign up for the free Flipped Classroom Webinar. Hear from a teacher - not a tech person, but an actual 5th grade math teacher - about what he's doing with his students. You can also check out his classroom blog.

Quotable Quote

"We need to shift our focus to inspire kids to learn . . . not require them to."