It looks nice, but it really isn't...

Ecstacy is...

Ecstacy is also known as "MDMA". It's an synthetic, mind-altering drug that usually affects your body. A large dose of the drug can interfere with the body's ability to regulate temperature.
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Ecstacy Can Cause..

Physically for your body is can cause liver, kidney, cardiovascular failure. It can make your teeth clench, muscle cramps, chills, and sweating.

The "Good" Things About it...

The drug can let you get in touch with all your senses. But in reality you will receive the sensations of shaking, cramps, and nausea etc. It can cause a lot of life long damages. Most people who use this drug say it's fun, but its honestly not.
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Ecstacy is known as...

Most people know it as Adam, Eve, Clarity, love drug, and Molly.

Ecstacy is illegal...

Ecstacy is one of the most popular drug in teens today. The statistics show that about 9 million people around the world use this drug for "fun". Most of the people who use it are teens and young adults.

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How Are They Taken?

They're swallowed as a tablet or different colored capsules. They are sometimes in liquid and powdered form. Often, LCD is also sold as ecstacy, and it can look a lot same as other drugs and medicines.

How Long Does It Effect You?

The drug's effect last about 3-6 hours. But some people who take them at raves and clubs say they enjoy dancing and being close to each other. But the drug can dangerously produce volience or physical addiction, which is not good at all for you.

Is It Addictive?

Most scienctist aren't sure, but they say it least addictive than other drugs out there. For example it's like a trap no one can get out of. Once you start trying it . It's difficult to stop using it unless you have treatment, you can fully recover (: .