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Essay's for Vaquero' and NASA

By: Seth Stone,Taigen Hall,Richard Goins,Hunter Lasater

Vaquero Expository Essay

Have you ever wondered what a vaquero is?A vaquero is a spanish cowboy but they have greatly impacted Texas future and history.Vaqueros have had great impact on the history of Texas,they drove the rise of cattle in Texas and they were what took cattle herds for Mexican operators which at the time was Texas.

If it were not or Vaqueros Texas may not have ever had the big cattle farms that they are know for today.Vaqueros were mexican cowboys which Mexico at the time was what Texas is today.They were kind of the origin of cowboy’s.This then made most of Texas economy gained off of cattle drives because most people living in Texas were cowboy’s.So in the long run if it weren’t for vaqueros there might not be cowboy’s today.

Vaqueros were the people that took cattle herds for Mexican operators so they could make profit off the cattle.In Mexico this made cattle profitbale and popular for many people to have and sell earning them most of their money.Vaqueros made it so that Mexican operators could transport their cattle.The job of Vaqueros were to transport other people’s cattle making it easier to have cattle not having to transport which lead to it’s popularity today.

The history of Texas was greatly impacted by vaqueros due to the fact that they drove the rise of cattle and that they transported cattle for mexican operators.Texas economy back then and today would be very different without vaqueros.This makes them a huge part of Texas history.

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NASA Expository Essay

Is Nasa needed in today's society? Nasa is a massive company that is needed. Nasa’s main job is to be responsible for the civilian space program and to take accountant of aeronautics and aerospace research.

First off, the civilian space program is a space program that has different agencies inside of it that are a part of the program but each agency has different powers. For example the Mexican Space Agency which is a part if the space program are capable of astronauts, operation on satellites and the sounding of rockets. There are many other government agencies like the Austrian Space Agency and Russian Federal Space Agency. Nasa did this program with many space agencies for a reason. To get all the governments involved with Nasa and make sure that one government didn't have too much power.

Secondly, aeronautics and aerospace are a major importance in the company of Nasa. Aeronautics is the science or art of the study of flight capability and aerospace is where people build or manufacture rockets, satellites and ship's. These both are needed in Nasa in order to transport vehicles to space as wells as study space. If these two are combined together than it is just enough to build ships and use them.

In conclusion, the civilian space program and aeronautics along with aerospace is Nasa’s job and responsibility to handle.

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