Scott's bucket list

#1 rope swinging

  1. i would wanna go because it seems really fun and i would go with my family
  2. weathering: physical
  3. forces: wind
  4. location;at corona arch in Moab Utah
World's Largest Rope Swing
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wing suit flying

  1. i would go wing suit flying because it looks fun ,your going really fast and you can also see the view
  2. i would go with my family so they can see how fun it is
  3. type of weathering: physical
  4. what forces: glacier
  5. location: mount Everest. Nepal and Tibet, China, asia
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Wingsuit Flying Over New York City FULL POV

#3 worlds largest urban zip line

  1. location: panama city
  2. i would go because you can see the view of panama city and your letting go and free falling
  3. weathering: physical
  4. forces: water
World's Largest Urban Zipline
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white water rafting

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White Water Rafting Victoria Falls

#5 Niagara falls

  1. location: in Ontario Canada
  2. i would wanna go with my family and my cousins and go behind the falls and journey all back there
  3. weathering; physical
  4. forces: rivers
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Unbelievable!!! Niagara Falls Canada/USA - Best Places to Travel