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September 7, 2021

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Welcome Back CVE Families!

Hello CVE Families!

I hope you found time to relax and enjoy your time with your family and loved ones. We are excited to start another year with you and welcome our new families to our building.

I am extremely excited about starting this new year with our wonderful families and outstanding staff members.

As we all know, last year was the year of many challenges and changes that we had to endure as a school. I believe that with ALL 'challenges' and ALL 'changes' comes growth, and there is no learning gained without them. We went from remote to hybrid, back to remote, and then in-person full time. We uncovered the benefits of technology, and because of that, we had to do some out-of-the-box thinking to ensure that our students were learning. That's where growth happened. Walking into this new year, I am over the moon, anticipating what we will accomplish with our students. This year we will focus on many different goals, and we ask that you continue to support your students' growth. We have worked so closely together with our parent community, and we are thankful for you granting us the privilege of working with your student.

As you read through this Cardinal Connections, you will find important information for the start of the year. I will cover the following:

  • Who we are as a Clinton Valley family
  • New Faces at Clinton Valley
  • Important Dates for 2021-22
  • Sneak Peek/Curriculum Night
  • Yearbooks
  • Arrival & Dismissal Procedures
  • School Breakfast and Lunch for 2021-22
  • COVID Guidelines
  • Our new PBIS Rewards Program Platform
  • Cardinal Crawl
  • School Age Childcare (SACC)
  • 1:1 Technology
  • Transportation
  • PTO Information - Fundraiser Event
  • PTO Meeting/Ice Cream Social
Clinton Valley Welcome Back 2021-22

Who we are.....

Our Vision Statement: "Motivating students to have success today to be prepared for tomorrow."

Mission Statement: "Clinton Valley is a welcoming community where students, families, and staff take an active role in helping all succeed with high expectations in a positive and safe environment."

Let's Welcome our new CVE Staff Members

Karen Saraceno Our New Secretary!

We are delighted to welcome Karen Saraceno to the team as our new Secretary, who comes to us from Cheyenne. She has been simply amazing, and she just started. She started the year well before August 16th by reaching out to the Board Office asking for training and trying to learn many of the functions of her job. I love her dedication to supporting all of us, and I'm very thankful that she has joined our team. #FunFact about Karen - She is extremely helpful, very kind, and dedicated to the task. She will not stop until a problem is resolved.

Olivia Perucca Our New Art Teacher!

We are delighted to welcome Olivia Perucca to the team as our new Art Teacher. Olivia graduated from Chippewa Valley High School and did her Undergraduate at the College of Creative Studies. She soon joined the staff at St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, where she remained until now. She has a passion for art and teaching students how to be creative. She is very big on building relationships with the students and staff members. I am excited to welcome her to our team and thankful that she chose us. #FunFact about Olivia - She has already drawn us a cool, friendly Cardinal to use for T-shirts, backgrounds, email signatures, etc. If you would like a copy, let me know. Stop in to welcome her to our wonderful building!

Nicole McDermott Our New 4/5 Blend Teacher!

We are delighted to welcome Nicole McDermott to the team as our new 4/5 Blend Teacher. She will be working alongside Janet Phillips, and I'm excited about the work they will do together. Nicole comes to us from a Math and Science charter school, where she had been for the last eight years. This is also where the students and parents recognized her as Teacher of the year! She has a passion for the students and is driven to ensure they succeed. I'm excited to welcome her to our team and thankful that she chose us. #FunFact about Nicole - last year, she set her class up at the beginning of the year to welcome 20 students. Her school made some quick changes to staff members and decided to lay off quite a few teachers. Because of this, the administration added 20 students to her roster. So instead of welcoming 20 students, she had to get her class together to welcome 40 students quickly, and she did it with a little stress and a lot of determination to ensure they all advanced.

Meghan Radoicic Our New 3rd Grade Teacher!

We are delighted to welcome Meghan Radoicic to the team as our new 3rd Grade Teacher. She will be working alongside Cheryl Kowalski, and I'm excited about the work they will do together. Meghan comes to us from Richmond Community Schools, where she taught 3rd Grade. Before that, she was a long-term sub at Huron Elementary and worked alongside some amazing teachers, and developed a strong rapport with them. She has a great way of delivering instruction and building relationships with students, staff, and parents. In fact, when I call on her references, you could tell they missed having her in their building and were extremely excited that she had an opportunity to be part of the Chippewa district. I'm so excited to work with her this new year, and I am grateful that she chose CVE to call her home. #FunFact about Meghan - She is very close with her family; in fact, each day she came in to get her room together, she brought in her loved ones to help her. I placed boxes and boxes of Science kits in her room and Cheryl's, and by the end of the day, they had them all organized.

Megan Laichalk Our New Science Teacher

We are delighted to welcome Megan Laichalk to the team as our new Science Teacher. Megan has been in Chippewa for years and has worked with so many administrators. All the administrators I spoke to about Megan said she was a hard worker and dedicated to the job. This is nothing new to us here at CVE. She did an amazing job for our students and parents last year. She was always so concern about the students that were in her room. She made it her busy to build relationships and focus on the needs of her students. I am excited to welcome her to our team as a newly appointed contracted teacher. #FunFact about Megan - She coordinates all of her apparel, shoe wear, and masks! She does the same with everything in her classroom!

Kim Valentin Our New Resource Room Teacher

We are delighted to welcome Kim Valentine to the team as our new Resource Room Teacher. She will be working alongside Dyana Bates, and I'm excited about the work they will do teacher. Kim has been in the district a long time and knows many people. This year, she will be split between CVE and Shawnee. She will be with us in the morning and Shawnee in the afternoon. She has a wealth of knowledge teaching the Language curriculum and the CMC curriculum. I'm excited about Kim joining our team and grateful that she chose us. #FunFact about Kim - There is someone in the building that Kim knew before coming here. Can you figure out who it is?

Important Dates - 2021-22 - Click on Image to access a printable version

Thank you all for coming to our Sneak Peek 2021-22

We had an amazing Sneak Peek night! I'm so thankful that so many of you showed up. Please enjoy some of the pictures that were captured that night. Maybe you will see someone you know...


If you did not pick up your Yearbook at Sneak Peak, please contact our Secretary, Karen Saraceno, and make arrangements to pick it up from the building. 586-723-5200

Remember, if you had a 5th grader last year, please arrange for a pickup with Algonquin.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures - Please click on the colorful image to access a printable version

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Looking for Transportation Information

School Meals

All school breakfasts and lunches will be free of charge for all students this school year.

Reminder: Breakfast starts on September 13th.

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COVID Guidelines:

Masks policies:

Masks will be optional this fall. The wearing of masks will be determined by each family and individual. The Macomb County Health Department (MCHD) recommends that individuals, regardless of vaccination status, consider wearing a face-covering while indoors, especially in crowded settings. CVS strongly recommends that students wear a mask in school.


CVS has up-to-date ventilation systems and filters that meet or exceed CDC recommendations for healthy airflow

Masks on School Buses:

The CDC requires masks on all public transportation, including school buses, regardless of vaccination status. All CVS students riding a school bus will be required to wear a mask.

COVID-19 Testing:

Not required.

COVID-19 Vaccines:

Not required. Based on Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and CDC guidelines, individuals that are fully vaccinated and remain asymptomatic will not have to quarantine if they are determined to be a close contact. The MDHHS, the MCHD, and the CDC recommend that all eligible individuals get vaccinated against COVID-19.

COVID-19 Reporting

Chippewa Valley Schools will work with the MCHD on contact tracing and COVID-19 reporting. We will maintain a COVID-19 Case Report on our website and will provide building-level notification to staff and families.

Contact Tracing & Quarantines

CVS district nurses will work with the MCHD on contract tracing and will follow health department requirements for quarantines. Fully vaccinated students and staff who are asymptomatic will not be required to quarantine.

Hand Hygiene:

Hand washing and hand sanitizer will be used frequently throughout the day.

Screening for Symptoms

Parents are asked to check their child each morning before sending them to school. Students that are sick should stay home from school.

Visitors at School:

Visitors will be limited at school. Only essential visitors will be allowed.

Visitors, Late Arrivals, Early Dismissals & Dropping Off of Materials

  • Visitors will be limited at school. Only essential visitors will be allowed.
  • PTO will be allowed in the building to do "PTO work."
  • If a student arrives to school late, parents will bring their student to the front door, ring the buzzer, state the students' name(s), and the student(s) will be buzzed into the school. The parent will enter the vestibule and sign the student in and leave back out.
  • We will have bins outside the main entrance. If you need to drop off a lunch or other items to your child, please label it with the child's name and teacher. The bins will be checked twice an hour, and items will be delivered to the student.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Chippewa Valley Schools is committed to providing a clean and safe environment for our students, staff, and community. All student and staff areas will be cleaned and disinfected on a regular schedule.

Lunchroom and Classroom Information

  • Students will have assigned seats in the lunchroom and classrooms.
  • Students will be spaced out as far apart as possible.


Students enrolled in the Chippewa Valley Virtual Academy (CVVA) will receive a district-issued laptop and be taught by highly qualified CVS educators online.

PBIS Rewards Platform

Hello Families!

We have a new PBIS Rewards Platform this year we will use across the building. We will use this Platform in many different ways. Below are the different ways:

  • Communication between Families and Teachers
  • Communication between Families and the Principal
  • Student behaviors in the classrooms
  • Rewarding Cardinal Cash points to our students
  • Check-in/Check-out with selected students
  • Allowing student purchases from the Cardinal Cafe

During Sneak Peek, teachers requested you to signup so that you can start getting messages. All parents who have already signed up will receive this Cardinal Connections through PBIS Rewards (still testing it out). Below you will find the video that teachers had you view during Sneak Peek. Please take a look and get familiar with this new awesome tool.

PBIS Rewards - Parent Education Video

School Age Child Care (SACC)

Our childcare program begins on Tuesday, Sept 7. Below you will find the link to access information on how to register.

SACC Hours: AM - 7:00 - 9:00am

PM - 3:44 - 6:00pm

Entrance/Exit Door: #19

In-person learning for students

Last year students had the option of attending school in person or live-streaming their classes at home. With vaccination rates increasing, all students will now be required to attend school in person unless they are currently enrolled in the Chippewa Valley Virtual Academy (CVVA). Only students required to quarantine due to COVID-19 illness or exposure will be allowed to live-stream their classes. All other students must attend in person unless they are sick or have an excused absence.

1:1 technology for all students

Throughout the pandemic, technology played an integral role in student learning. This school year CVS is excited to offer all K-12 students their own laptop device. Grade-specific expectations will be provided as we get closer to the beginning of the school year. Our Technology Department has developed a new tech newsletter for parents and will provide parents with technology nights so families can become familiar with this new initiative.

Technology Information

PTO Information

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Hello Families! Spirit wear is back again with new designs and more affordable pricing! Be sure to order your Clinton Valley Spirit Wear and show your students the pride you have in their school! There is currently a sale going on (30% off normal pricing!!), so be sure to order before September 15th. The store will be open year-round so feel free to order at any time! ! We can't wait to see you around at our school events sporting your Clinton Valley gear!!


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