1968 Mexico Summer Olympic Games

Events and Competitors

Men's Gymnastic Events

In this year's games the gymnastics portion of the games consists of a bunch of different events. For the men's events there will be Individual All-Around, Individual All-around Field Sports, Individual All-Around 4 and 5 events, Individual All-Around Apparatus Work, Team All-Around, Team All-Around Free System, Team All-Around Swedish System, Floor Exercise, Horse Vault, Parallel Bars, Parallel Bars Team, Horizontal Bar, Horizontal Bar Team, Rings, Pommelled Horse, Rope Climbing, Club Swinging, Tumbling, and Side Horse. You don't want to miss it.

Women's Gymnastics Events

This year's women's gymnastics events will be extremely spectacular. The events are Individual All-Around, Team All-Around, Portable Apparatus, Floor Exercise, Horse Vault, Uneven Bars, and Balance Beam.


Training for the olympics is an extremely long process each games. You have to have determination, the mental strength to make it through. You need to be physically and mentally strong and have a few physical attributes. Some physical attributes you need are flexibility, explosive power, and endurance. These attributes are particulary important in events such and sprinting and weight lifting.


Vera is an extremely talented artistic gymnast. She was the top medalist for the 1968 Mexico City Games. Vera also came in first place for the events Women's Vault, Women's Floor Exercise, Women's Uneven Bars, and Women's Individual All-Around. Vera came in second place for Women's Balance Beam. Vera was born on May 3rd 1942. Her sport was Gymnastic Artistic. Back in her homeland of Czechoslovakia she was warned that she was going to be arrested so she fled to the mountains. sge stayed in shape by swinging from trees and practicing her floor exercise in a meadow. After 3 weeks the goverment let her join the rest of the Czech team in Mexico City.Vera has won 4 Olympic gold,defeated the Soviet union gymnasts shortly after the tanks invaded her homeland and she has brought joy and happiness back into her country.