GRAPES: Belize

by Daniel Ehling


Belize is located on the East coast of Central America. It is quite small, in fact it is smaller than Massachusetts, and is right next to the Gulf of Honduras and the Caribbean Sea. Belize is home to about 327,000 people, and has a hot and humid climate which may not sound great at first, but is a perfect fit with their warm, comfortable beaches and ocean water! Some parts of Belize even use HydroPower, which is the use of ocean currents to generate renewable energy.


Belize has a wide variety of religions, but the most common ones are Roman Catholic and Protestant. Religion in Belize allows all of the people living there to have hope of a better tomorrow, since they might have had a bad today. Since the country is currently having a poverty issue, it is important for people to have hope.


One of Belize's biggest achievements was on September 21, 1981. On this day, Belize gained independence from the United Kingdom! It may not seem like it affected anywhere else except Belize, but it did. Think about a country smaller than Massachusetts. It almost seems like a country that is smaller than a state doesn't matter and shouldn't be considered a country. Well, this small thing seperated itself from the United Kingdom, and can finally lead themselves. This shows that any place, anywhere, can gain their own independence.


Belize has a Parliamentary Democracy. This is very similar to the Democracy we have in America! Basically, it means that the government party with the most representation in the legislature form the government. (By representation they mean the party with the most popularity among the public). Their leader will be either the Chancellor or the Prime Minister. Below is Belize's current Prime Minister, Dean Barrow.

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Belize may not seem like it is the richest country in the world, but they do make some great products! Their currency is the “Belize Dollar” similar to our U.S. dollar. They make great clothing there, a ton of delicious foods, and hundreds of tours! Belize’s houses are of varying sizes, since some tourists decide to even stay and live their life there! You can find a small, four room house right next to a huge mansion!

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Style of Living

In Belize, the official language is English, so you don’t have to worry about learning another language. They also speak Mayan, Garifuna, Creole, and Spanish! For fun, people in Belize play a lot of sports! It all depends on what you prefer. They play football (soccer), basketball, cricket (a ball and bat sport like baseball), they go canoeing, boxing, and they even play softball! Whichever is your favorite, you can play or watch with the rest of the residents of Belize!

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Are you ready to go to Belize? It is quite the amazing place!

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