(I'm getting better at it...)

Why should you be on Schoology?

I decided to begin using Schoology a few months back because of the amazing things I have heard from colleagues and other educational resources. So far, both classes have been completing their weekly vocabulary quizzes on Schoology, and they seem to enjoy it! I also posted spelling and vocabulary lists there for any students who may forget the paper copy, or for parents to see themselves! This past Monday, I have learned even MORE exciting ways to benefit from this website-- and I plan to do just that!
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How Do Parents Get On?

All students are currently enrolled in Schoology and use it in my class. Peacock parents were sent home a unique parent code last quarter in student planners, and had the opportunity to join my Schoology course. I decided to stick with one class to try it out. Lobster parents, I will be printing and sending home your parent codes in planners sometime this week or next. Below I will add a link on how to set up and begin using Schoology as a parent (separate account from your child). You will see my teacher updates, and any other important information. Next year, all teachers at SHE will be using this website, so this is a wonderful opportunity to learn along with me!

Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with the website once you set up your parent account and please let me know if you have any questions!


Kara Predatsch