Benjamin Spock



Benjamin McLane Spock was born on May 2 1903 in New Haven, Connecticut Died May 15 1998 in La Jolla California. He was an american pediatrician whose book Baby and Child Care, published in 1946, is one of the best-sellers of all time.

1-Trust your instincts

Spock gave anxious mom and dads permission to be confident in there own sound parenting.

  • Sam went to the park with her son Mason and when he started to be rude to everyone she started getting advice from all the other moms she decide to go with her instincts which was taking him home because she decided to follow her instincts.

2-Routines are nice but babies don't need a strict regimen

Spock said it was not really too important for infants to keep a strict regular feeding and sleeping schedules.

  • Maggie's daughter was wailing and she coudent get her to quiet down so she chose to deviate form the schedule and feed her daughter to give some piece and quiet.

3-Don't fret if your baby acts funny; Freud can explain it

While Spock was training to become a pediatrician he also really wanted to study psychology so he could better understand child development. Spock simply told parents to not get alarmed if there baby's behaved well, oddly.

  • Heathers son starting acting funny and she didn't know what to do so she ended up calling her mom, saying that he was jumping and running in circles and her mom told her to stop worrying thats what kids do.

4-Ideals about good parenting should evolve

Spock continued to update his book Baby and Child Care throughout his life. As years passed he started to look at it being wrong.Before Spock died a journalist published a book of the man Dr.Spock: An American Life, Spock acknowledged that being too career driven in the recent years so he made an effort to show more affection to his son in away he never showed when his son was growing up.

  • Julie was always at work all the time and ended noticing that her daughter was more distant so she started showing her daughter more affection.

5-Babies need love

In the 20- th century child rearing guides stated that parents are not to kiss to kiss there babies or cradle them too much because then the children become spoiled. Spock taught parents that babies were little people with there own emotions and should not be encouraged to meet the schedules and rules of adult life as quickly as possible.

  • Amy's baby was crying so she picked her up and stared to cradle her to calm her down

Fun Facts

  • It’s in its eighth edition and updated with tips for contemporary parenting, including advice for gay and lesbian parents and even notes on international adoption.


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