Pirates Past Noon

Adapted By Mrs. Beach's Class

Summary of Chapters 1-5

Jack and Annie went to the tree house. They opened the pirate book and then the tree house began to spin. When the tree house landed, it was in a palm tree and the children saw a tall ship. The flag on the ship let the children know it was a pirate ship.

Meet the PIrates

The captain was a grouchy pirate named Captain Bones. He was searching for Captain Kidd's treasure. Pinky and Stinky helped him look for the treasure. They captured the children and took them to their ship.

Jack and Annie's Adventure

What an adventure!

Chapters 5-10

Jack and Annie read the treasure map and show the pirates where it is buried. A terrible storm scares the pirates and they row back to their ship. Jack and Annie are able to escape to the tree house and it takes them back to Frog Creek Pennsylvania.

We Loved Pirates Past Noon by Mary Pope Osborne

Will Jack and Annie go on other adventures?

Will Morgan Le Fay return soon to explain exactly how the tree house works?