By: Bilal Khan and Jack Smith

Geographic Features

Parts of Champgne is Flat with low altitude plains. A lot of French rivers are located here. The soil is very soft so the rivers make many valleys. The east side is mainly composed by a plateau and many forests.

Popular Attractions

It's know for it's wine region for the sparkling white wine.

Cathedral Norte-Dame de Remis

Maginot line

Basilique Saint-Remi

Wine tours and tasting


Landon winery

Industries and Agriculture

Agriculture is very important in Champgane especially since 61% of the land is dedicated for farming. Agricultural products include maize,carrots , strawberries, plums and Grapes for wine. The champagne industry is really important in this region as it is what is known for most.

Important festivals

Food and Wine Festivals

The Festival of the Champagne Route is the most popular champagne-tasting festival and is held in a different Champagne region every year.

Historical Festivals

During the festival, medieval-style markets selling craft goods and old world food items line the streets near the famous cathedral.

Music Festivals

A range of concerts are held in a variety of venues throughout Troyens to showcase that composer's music.

Arts and Crafts Festivals

For those who find themselves in Champagne looking for a low-key trip to browse for souvenirs and take in the country air, arts festivals are going on almost year-round.

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