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Happy New Year

I hope your year is getting off to a great start! I'm sorry this is a little late, things have been crazy around my house with basketball season and sickness. I'm excited about what this year has the potential to be for all of us and our businesses. This is a great time to make your goals and post them so you can see and remind yourself. This is also the time of year to do our taxes, there are a few files in the SH page to help out with this. I know a few of you have done the Green Dot Challenge, if you have some success stories with that - please share with us. Another great idea would be the event for men to shop with you for their Valentine's gift or host a jewelry bar in your home to help them pick out the perfect gift for their special lady.

December News

We had a great December as a team! Everyone was active in helping us to reach a team PV of $4501.75! That is awesome, especially considering the majority of these orders were placed in the first half of the month:) You ladies are great at working your business! The top 3 in sales for the month with the PV listed were:

1. Joy Dicks $1555.20

2. Catherine Lanham $720.10

3. Jennifer Gilley $710.30

Great job Catherine and Jennifer!!!

Contact Me

Ladies, I'm here for you and just a phone call, text or FB message away - email as well, but probably not as fast;) I love you ladies and want to support you in your business!

Video from Director's Training

I just loved this video:)

Why YOU want to be part of Origami Owl! Notes from the Directors' Retreat 2014