Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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Hawaii Volcanoes


This national park was named in 1916 almost 100 years ago . Did you know that ? This national park is beautiful just like me and you . You can also do all sorts of things. Let me tell you some things you just need to know or just things I will just tell you . So read on!

Where is it?

Where is it you ask!

This amazing park is in Hawaii. You've probably have guessed that already .This National Park is 23,000 acres big ! Wow, that is really big.


No not at all boring, but I bet some people might think national parks are boring. If you're one of them, still you will have fun here at Hawaii National Park. Hawaii National Park has a lot of things to do . Fun for all ages .You can look down a steam vent along Crater Rim Dam.

What do you need to know?

Sometimes this park has days that you can go free! Here are some dates that you can go free in 2013: April 22-26 you can go free because it is National park week. July 13 because of the Annual Hawai'i volcanoes national park cultural festival. Another day is August 25 because it is the National park service birthday , National Public Lands Day. The last one is November 9-11, which is Veterans Day Weekend.

What wild life ?

Here in Hawaii are many wild life here. One of the animals here are Hawaiian Monk Seals .They are rare. Another animal is the Nene or Hawaiian Goose. The last one is the rare Sea Turtle.

What to do for kids ?

Here your kids can join a lot of programs such like the junior ranger program. Your kids will have ball ! Your kids can also learn about history and science too! So bring your kids!

Let's Talk Hawaiian Talk

How to speak Hawaiian

  • aloha (ah-loh-hah) it means hello or goodbye
  • hula (hoo-lah) it means dance
  • 'ilio (ee-lee-oh) means dog
  • mai'a (my-ah) means banana
  • pua'a (poo-ah-ah)

Now you can talk Hawaiian.

Be Safe