By Micole Rhea-Williams

first trimester of pregnancy ( 1-3 Months)

Here are some of the things to expect in the first trimester .

The first thing is the amniotic sac is a water tight sac that forms around the fertilized egg.

Then the baby will start to grown .

The mother will not have her monthly and she then will start to get morning sickness *Not all mother will exprence the morning sickness but most will

with in a few weeks the fertilized egg will turn into a baby.

At day 30 the babys lips and eyes will start to develop the baby has no eye leads. Also at 6 weeks the baby is a inch long. At 8 weeks the baby is now a fetus and at 12 weeks the baby is around 3 inches no bigger than the fathers fist.


The baby hade only been in the mother for two months

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Second Trimester

At 18 weeks the mother will start to feel the baby move. If this is the mother second child the mother will be able to feel the baby move at 15 weeks. The baby will start to move at lot at 4 months. the babys eyes will open but the baby can not see anything the babys eyes will ust blinks.


this baby is 4 months

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Third Trimeter of pregnancy

If the mother is stress the stress the mother is haveing can go to the baby and that could cause the mother to go in to labor early. But the stress will not hit the baby until the mother stress ends. If the mother is stressing that could lead to the bavy having asthma.But around this time the babay will start to suck on either it right of left thumb and this will continue after the birht of the baby . also ther baby lungs will start to develope

*Look below*

the baby at 7 months

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How the father can help

The father can help by not causeign the morther stress. Also the father can got with the morther to see the utrlasounds.

The father can help the mother plan for the baby.

He can go to parenting classes to prepare for the baby or babys.

The father can help the mother take care of the baby when the baby is born.