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OPALS Offline Mode--put it on a flash drive today!

Were you caught off guard last week when OPALS had a brief hiccup? I was! There IS a way to continue to circulate books when OPALS is offline, however. (I don't know about you, but I tend to forget that until I need it. This time around, I was ready to use it...and then remembered that IT had swapped out my computer. Whoops.)

It is really quick and easy to download the offline circ mode and have it handy. You can download it to your desktop, and make a backup copy on a flash drive to have handy.

Here is the file to download:

Once you download the file, drag it to your desktop...and save a copy to a flash drive, too. For each copy, open it up and click on "setting". Put in the URL of your OPALS catalog and save it. The next time OPALS goes offline, use this to continue to check out books! (It's a simple program. It can't "return" books, unless they are being checked out to someone can't "reserve" them, either...but it can "loan" them.)

Fyi...even though the offline module prompts for the user's barcode, typing in a name will work as well!

Here is a Screencast-o-Matic of how to download the file and use it:

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