Zar'Roc, the Sword

Eragon by Christopher Paolini


The most powerful things are magical

A Quote from Eragon about Zar'roc says, "The gold pommel was teardrop shaped with sides that cut away to reveal a ruby the size of a small egg. The hilt was wrapped in silver wire, burnished until it gleamed like starlight... The flat blade was iridescent red and it shimmered in the firelight. The keen edges curved gracefully to a sharp point."

This quote explains what the sword Zar'roc looked like. Zar'roc had a red blade with a black insignia on it, meaning that it was already important. The black insignia was that of an important warrior. The author explains it's worth when he talks about how it has a gleaming hilt with a gold pommel, and it's shimmering ruby blade is flat, sharp, and has keen edges.
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Why People Would Want This

You might be thinking why would you want to buy the Zar’roc? First of all, just because the object is a sword, doesn’t mean it isn’t special. Zar’roc is a magical sword that can cut through anything. It is also very valuable as it has a unique design with gold on it, and magical features. Finally, Zar’roc was owned by an extremely well known warrior who was feared and hated by many, yet beaten by Brom. Hopefully now that you know that Zar’roc isn’t an ordinary sword you can come upon anywhere, and is far too worthy for many and is ready to be used by you!