Some Must See Places in Lisbon

Lisbon enchants travellers with its natural beauty

Lisbon a sparkling capital of Portugal

Lisbon the sparkling capital of Portugal is probably best known for its colonist history, great cultural heritage and traditional Fado music. Perched on the edge of Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is among those rare European cities that face ocean and uses water as an element that defines the city. It is blessed with spectacular hilltops, a pleasant year round weather, friendly and hospitable people and a true café culture that make it a lively and thriving city making its mark in today’s Europe.

Lisbon enchants travellers with its natural beauty, white bleached limestone buildings and an easy going charm that makes it a fascinating year round destination to visit. The city is recognized as a global city and plays a role of major economic centers in Europe’s Atlantic coast.

Lisbon offers its guests hoards of thrilling activities and places to visit while enjoying their holidays over here. One can explore numerous places of interest on city breaks in Lisbon and enjoy a memorable time of their life.

Some must see places in Lisbon include:-

Tram 28:- Earlier, it was one of the modes of transportation but for recent visitors it is a major tourist attraction. For nominal charges it takes you to the top of Alfama district that offers breathtaking views of city squares, red rooftops Se cathedral and finally ending at St. George Castle. It is among the must do activities in Lisbon while enjoying holidays.

Belem:- Another interesting place to visit in Lisbon is to get the glimpses of beautiful city of Belem , which is situated just 5 miles west of Lisbon. It is a waterfront neighborhood of Lisbon which is decked with some amazing monuments, museums and art galleries and one of the very popular Portuguese tart places, the Pasteis de Belém. Among its various major attractions the Jerónimos Monastery, the Belém Tower and the Museu de Arte Antiga are must see attractions of it.

Catlouste Gulbenkian Museum:- It is one of the finest private art collection , that treasures from east and west is worth visit site. It includes the work of Rembrandt, Rubens, Monet and René Lalique.

Madre de Deus Convent:- A lavish former convent which is now converted into a beautiful museum presenting an ancient art form is unique in the world. Major attraction of this convent is its beautiful church that is a beautiful specimen of Portuguese architecture.

Alfama:- Founded long ago with a history that dates back to the Moors , Alfama is characterized by narrow streets , restaurants, Fado clubs along with popular attractions like St. George’s Castle abd Se Cathedral. Walk through Alfama's narrow streets and feel like you've taken a step back in time

The picturesque beauty of Lisbon falls shorts of words, it is only explored and enjoyed. So make a plan and visit this exciting capital of Portugal.