Speech Law number 3

Speaker will give eye contact to the entire audience.

What does this law mean?

Speaker has to look at those he is speaking, allowing your eyes to meet for a few if that is acceptable locally. Speaker has to see, individuals, not just a group.

Purpose of this law

In many cultures, eye contact is viewed as a sign of interest in the person being addressed. This is also seen as evidence that you speak with conviction.

Make respectful visual contact with someone in the audience.

What does eye contact look and sound like?

When your reading, hold the reading material in your hand and keep your chin up so that you need to move only your eyes, not your head.

Giving eye contact can make the audience hear your expression, meaning how you are feeling while giving a speech.

Advice and tips on eye contact.

In everyday conversation with your family or friends, try to increase eye contact with others, doing so in ways that will not ruin or offend your way of living.

Be natural and friendly, and show interest in those who you are speaking to.