MRE Update

February 2019

MRE Dates to Remember, February & March

Feb 8 - Early Release, 12:15 PM Dismissal - Lunch will be served including 1/2 day Kinder.

Feb 11 - 5th Grade Jazz Concert Field Trip
Feb 15 - 2nd Grade International Fair, 2:00 - Cafeteria, Parade of Nations to follow at 2:30

Feb 18-22 - No School, Winter Vacation

Feb 26 - PTO Enrichment Event: Light & Color Show by Acton Discovery Museum (Grade 1)
Feb 26 - 4th Grade Field Trip, Group 1

Feb 28 - Lip Sync Show, Night 1
Feb 28 - 4th Grade Field Trip, Group 2

Mar 1 - Lip Sync Show, Night 2

Mar 6 - Spirit Day **Wacky Wednesday in honor of Dr. Seuss**

Mar 7 - Early Release, 12:15 PM Dismissal - Lunch will be served including 1/2 day Kinder.

Mar 7 - Community Reading Day

Mar 7 - Parent / Teacher Conferences

Mar 8 - No School, Full-day Professional Development for Staff

Mar 15 - Early Release, 12:15 PM Dismissal - Lunch will be served including 1/2 day K

Mar 15 - Parent / Teacher Conferences

Mar 21 - Family Literacy Night, details to follow ~ Snow date Mar. 28th
Mar 21 - School wide PJ Day in honor of Family Literacy Night (no slippers please)

Mar 28 - 3rd Grade event ~ Meet Mary Rowlandson

Mar 30 - PTO Auction

MRE Specialist Updates for February

Health News

K – MyPlate food groups introduction

1 – MyPlate food groups and making a healthy plate

2 – MyPlate food groups and decision-making skills

3 – Smoking and decision-making skills

4 and 5 – Compare/Contrast cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Decision-making and refusal skills.

Art News

Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade: Self Portraits using mirrors
Materials: pencils, crayons, oil pastels
We discussed the face with all the details. Then we drew our faces using mirrors to make sure we remembered everything! Each grade created with increasing skill.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Symmetrical Little Monsters
Materials: scissors, paper, colored pencils, etc.
We discussed symmetry and used our knowledge to fold, draw and cut our own symmetrical monsters. Then we decorated them.
2nd & 3rd Grade: Collage
Materials: variety of colored papers
Students have discussed the artist Henri Matisse’s collages and his emphasis on organic shapes. We are creating representational or non-representational collages using organic shapes, symmetrical shapes and overlapping.

4th & 5th Grade: Personal narrative painting, imaginative or representational
Materials: pencils, crayons, water color paper, water colors
We began with several sketches to develop our ideas. After we chose one, we transferred it to the watercolor paper. After some color theory review, we will begin to paint our narratives.

Library News

  • Kindergarten is reading fiction and non-fiction books about dinosaurs. Students are eager to share what they already know about these extinct creatures.
  • Grade 1 is reading books that have received the Caldecott Medal. Each year since the 1930's one picture book receives this award for outstanding illustrations. The students like to point out and discuss books listed on the chart I hang up in front of the class.
  • Grade 2 is enjoying biographies. A new favorite is about Eugenie Clark, the shark lady."Looking at Lincoln" and " George Washington's Teeth" will be read during February.
  • Grade 3 continues to read Greek myths. we read about Dadaleus and Icarus and will move on to Atlantis this month.
  • Grade 4 is listening to a CD of a non-fiction book by Chris Van Allsburg. The author researched and wrote about the first woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Annie Edson Taylor took this trip in 1901.
  • Grade 5 is finishing Ken Burns' book about US Presidents. "Grover Cleveland Again!" has been a fun way to learn about our last 44 presidents and the history of our country.

Music News


Steady beats - body percussion

Echo Songs

Introduction to Quarter/Eighth Notes

Movement to Music Notation

Sing "Old King Glory" and accompanying game

Grade 1

Decoding Rhythms

Folk Song "Heel and Toe"

Folk Dance accompanying "Heel and Toe"

Recognizing Line and Space Music Notes on the Staff

Grade 3

Decoding Duple & Triple Rhythms - echoing on darbukas

Reinforcing Note Values Quarter, half, and whole notes

Song Flute skills using Pitches B, A, G

Grade 4

2-Part singing - "Living in the Moment"

Wrap up Music Writing Unit in Finale Notepad/Share Compositions

Step/Skip/Leap/Repeat Pitch Movement

Grade 5

Continue Garage Band Projects

AABA Form in music

Intro to "Conversations in Jazz"

Physical Education News

  • K and 1: Gymnastics- combining skills together to create sequences and short individual routines.
  • Grade 2: Gymnastics- we are focusing on balancing skills, and creating individual balance beam sequences and performing them in front a partner.
  • Grade 3: Gymnastics- creating balance beam routines with a partner, and performing them in front of the class.
  • Grades 4 and 5: Gymnastics- creating group routines and performing them in front of other fourth or fifth grade classes.

Technology News

Kindergarten is finishing their work on their “Mitten” Wixie Projects. They will be focusing on following directions in February both in a Wixie Snowman Project as well as when they start practicing logging into their computer accounts for the first time.

Grade 1:
has completed their unit on programming. They are currently creating a Seesaw project which they are sharing with parents (in their Seesaw accounts). The are taking pictures of their instruments, and then recording their voices talking about how they made them and in some cases how they sound.

Grade 2:
is working hard on an Ocean and Continent Booklet in Wixie. They are finding pictures of important rivers, mountains and mountain ranges, adding them to the booklet and labeling them.

Grade 3:
is starting a Unit on Robots and Coding. We will be using block code to program the Dash Robot to solve different challenges. We will run 2 Robots with 2 groups of 3 students in each class. While the rest of the class will be using their Code.Org accounts to practice and use their problem-solving skills solving mazes and drawing patterns this month. Also, check out this link to see their Pilgrim Slideshows.

Grade 4:
has been using the iTCH program to access the new Scratch 3.0. They have been exploring Scratch3.0 and this month will be writing a proposal of a larger Scratch projects. The choices are Story, Game, Greeting Card or Nonfiction Piece. Their projects will involve backdrops, characters (sprites), Basic constructs of code, animation and possibly sound.

Grade 5:
successfully completed their drone runs in the cafeteria. Big Thank You’s to all the
parent volunteers. They will be starting to reflect on their work and create team slideshows to report on their findings.

In the Community...

Big picture

Nashoba Symphonic Band Concert

The Nashoba Symphonic Band (a band comprised of NRSD students, students from surrounding communities, and adult community members) will host their “Tales of the British Isles” concert, featuring music from Oliver!, Percy Granger's Lincolnshire Posy, Leroy Anderson's Irish Suite, and more on Sunday, February 10th at 3 pm in the Nashoba Regional High School Auditorium. Admission is free, but donations are gratefully accepted. The concert is family friendly and there will be a brief intermission with refreshments. Take a mini-vacation visiting the British Isles through the magic of music at Nashoba Regional High School!

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