Palestinian News

Housing and Occupations

Houses for Sale

These three homes are up for sale. They are all made for families with animals. One side of the house is for the family's needs and the other is for the animal's. These houses have dirt floors and the walls are either made of wood or cement. The roofs are perfect for late night chats and prayers. You can even have social gatherings up there!


Job Openings

1. Carpenter

Job Qualifications:


-Skills with tools

-Math skills

2. Fisherman

Job Qualifications:

-Own a fishing pole

-Add bait to your pole

-Drive a boat

-Remove fish from your pole

3. Shepherds

Job Qualifications:

-Work with animals

-Control animals

-Feed the animals

-Know directions

Job Fair

Saturday, Oct. 12th 2013 at 10am

Center of the Village

If you are looking for different options for work, come to the Job Fair and see what your options are. Fisherman, Carpenters, Tent-makers, Shepherds, and Farmers will all be down in the Center of the Village waiting for you!