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Norfolk Junior High

By Deontae Perry

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Nursery Rhyme

One day the Tortoise and Hare decided to race at a track on September 11, 2011. He was tired of having the tortoise make fun of him. The tortoise was tired of the hare treating him poorly, so he came up to hare and hare said, “What do you want loser?’’

Tortoise wasn't going to run this time, he used all his courage and said, “I challenge you to a race.”

Hare said, “See you at the track turtle.” That night tortoise was going out of his mind thinking about the race, but somehow he fell asleep.

Tortoise knew that hare was fast, but when they started, the hare walked, so the hare knew he could win. The hare wanted to play dirty and he tried to hit the tortoise with a stick, but accidently fell, hit his head and passed out. Sooo, the tortoise slowly, very slowly, passed the finish line and helped the hare. The hare apologized and wanted to fix things

Feature Story

The gingerbread man was being baked and when Hansel and Gretal peeked into the oven, he popped out of the oven and he ran.

The woman chased him and said, “I’ll eat you.

He said, “Not until you catch me.

Then the pig tried to catch him and snorted, “I want to eat you.

The Gingerbread Man said, “Not until you catch me.”

He ran into several others like the horse, cow and the fox. The fox said hungrily, “Come on my tail, I’ll save you. The fox said, “I’m sinking, get closer.” The gingerbread man did. Then the fox said, “A little closer,” so he did. The fox jumped up and gulped him down.

Movie Review


John Smith was born on an alien planet, which was soon taken over by Mogadorian. The guardians choose a child and trained them to become gifted and soon to be called a certain number. John Smith is number 4. He was trained, but then they are soon followed by the Mogadorian. Three of them are dead and it goes in order. John Smith is next; he is number 4. They must leave to a place and change their names. They are coming for him. And then they must search for the others. John and his guardian Henri must survive and save their race.If they don't, their whole race will be wiped to dust. He must go through many things to survive love, sacrifice, friendship and failure. He will have to unlock all his powers to survive. They are coming and he is next.

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Deontae is 40-years-old. He attended Norfolk High. In high school his sport was wrestling. Deontae was so into sports, he didn't have time for a job.Soon after he moved, he went to college at UNL. Deontae became a wrestling coach four years later. Deontae in his four years, became ripped. Deontae became married and had two kids. He moved again to Minnesota. Deontae became the head coach of Minnesota.His hobbies are running. Deontae has decided to choose to stay a coach. Deontae moved back to Norfolk to live the rest of his life coaching.