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December 11th, 2015

What's Happening This Week?

· Writer's Workshop: We will continue to practice writing constructed responses.

· Reader's Workshop: Students have taken their research on pandas and condensed it down into a 30 second presentation that includes the most important facts and the answer to the question "How will we save panda habitats?" or "How will we help the panda population go up?". This week students will record their presentation using Chatterpix and share their video with the class. I will try to condense student projects into one Youtube video to share in a future Smore. Wish me luck!

Word Study: There will be no spelling list this week. Students will be doing a variety of word games to expand their vocabulary.

· Math Workshop: We continue our unit on multiplication this week. Students will be practicing their multiplication facts. We will also work on solving a variety of multistep word problems.

· Social Studies: Students will finish researching their assigned tribes. Then in their groups they will be creating a diorama and a poster to teach the class about their tribe. I will provide craft sticks, glue, pipe cleaner, and construction paper. I will ask the groups to bring in a shoe box and any other materials that they already have at home that they would like to use.


To celebrate our hard work for the quarter, our class will be having a "read-in" on Friday. During our language arts time in the morning, students will be given time to find a comfortable spot in the room and curl up with a good book, their pillow OR a stuffed animal. We will take periodic reading breaks to play word games, talk about our books, and stretch.

Important Information

Specials Classes this Week

Monday: Music

Tuesday: P.E.

Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: Computer

Thursday: Art

Friday: Music

What's Going on Here at Cumberland Road Elementary School?

Upcoming CRES Events

December 17th - Musical Showcase -

Students arrive and go to the library at 5:50 P.M. Program begins at 6:00 P.M.

December 18th - Morning Read In - students may wear pajamas and bring a pillow or stuffed animal.

December 18th - Winter Party and last day of school before Winter Break

Lunch Visits and Background Checks

All guests and parent volunteers must have their background check completed prior to volunteering at school or having lunch with their child. The online background checks will take time to process. You do not need to complete a background check prior to visiting if you have had one done in HSE within the past 3 years. ALL guests must also complete an online anti-bullying training webinar.

For more information on background checks and the anti-bullying webinar, please visit: