The impacted of America in1880-1920


homestead act

President Abraham Lincoln sign the Homestead act to make migration to settler and in exchange they need to paid a small fee and to complete 5 years before ownership of the land .the US need the money and the people can farm and cattle . He my evidence of the Law.


Open range

It allowed their cattle to roam freely across the vast range of land in which they began the long trail. the homestead allowed ranch to buy land But other ranch got mad that the other ranch are sled their cattle so they used barbed wire
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California gold rush; It was the largest mass migration that shape the American history

Thousands of miners traveled by sea and by land. a total of 2 billion worth of metal that made the county rich and the people build new job.

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are forced the people leave their county because of conflict,drought,famine,or extreme

religious activity.This may help the county or hunt it like to many people live inside city and not find the right jobs or the money to start a family and people dont want immigration in their county.

migration pull and push factors

Pull factors

positive things come to america like get more money and better live you will live in american.People came to escape poverty and the population and the better economic opportunities,more jobs.American was born on the immigration with no immigration they is no U.S
Human Migration: Push and Pull Factors

New Immigrants

they are poor and know no english,they came from southern or eastern Europe and not

protestant,were illiterate and unskilled workes.The old immigrants did't want the new immigrants to come and take their jobs.The city will be come big and big to so many people came.

Immigration to America in the 1920s


American Federation of labor

national labor association were to entire the working class and greater demand in higher wages.The knights of labor help work to union the stop work and beagain a rage.It help thousands of work in america to get better jobs and the right pay.
The American Federation Of Labor

collective bargaining

process of negotiation between employers and a group process of employes

aimed at reaching agreements to regulate working conditions.The knight of labor emphasizes 3 party action.This help the americans to bargaining units certified and company union disbanded

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Mother jones

prominent labor and community organizer,Industrial worker organizer knights of labor.And exploring the human,environmental,economic,and political impact the climate and help the USA to stop the child labor and so she is one of american great reporting and journalistic/investigative.
Mother Jones Speaks


Upton sinclair

American author like the "The jungle"expose meat packing a result the pure food and drug act and the meat inspection act was passed in 1906 that help the work a better life and not get kill while working.The book made the gov. act to the rage and establishment political

National parks

congress pass the law organic act to shall promote and regulate

use of the Federal areas

19 Amendment

Give woman the right to vote and the provide men and woman with the equal right and the amendment states that the right of citizens to vote shall not be denied or abridged by US.It help woman get the vocies they need in this county to show that are as same as men and that they can do what if
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Big stick policy

Theodore roosevelt foreign policy: "speak softly"and carry a big stick
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Dollar Diplomacy

Use economic power to get loans made to foreign countries.To create stability and order that would best promote american commercial interests and to private capital to further U.S interventions in the Caribbean.They did this to get the international influence on the county and the people.
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panama canal

Is link to world shipping around the world that is 48 mile long and that connect the atlantic ocean and the pacific ocean and it is key conduit for international maritime trade.It let the county take goods for one county to other in a less time and not to spent a lot of money on the gas and the oil.
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World War 1

League of Nations

Paris peace conference that end the war and an intergovernmental organisation founded as a result of the Paris peace.In congress who thought the treaties reduced the U.S authority and the senate declined to ratify both.This because the U.S want more power and they have so they a other peace to German
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Germany lost Territories

were given to Denmark,Poland, France.The treaty of versailles imposed punitive territorial,military,and economic provisions on defeated germany. The land that was take were become in it county and the germany need to pay for the war and all the people that were kill.
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Freedom of the sea

right of merchant ships to move freely go on the seas in war or peace.The right of all peoples to travel unmolested in international waters in both war and peace.the vigorous assertion of the principle of freedom of seas has been a major cause of four armed conflicts.the boats need to not be blow up just because you go to a other county
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