OETT Site Visit

What to Expect

Think of this as a one chance opportunity to showcase your school’s success!

Before We Arrive

  • Be sure your 3 practices are on display and the faculty knows them.
  • Since we only see 2-4 classes during the tour, you might think about having some other student products or lesson plans on display.
  • Decide what teacher's classrooms will be on the tour.
  • Plan the activities that each teacher will be having the students do during their visit. Try to have different apps/web 2.0/tech purchased with OETT funds being used in each classroom.
  • Create a schedule for the visit.

When We Arrive

First 10-15 Minutes - Meet with principal.

They will ask you about the following:

  • The 3 grant goals and progress towards each goal. (share examples)
  • Where equipment is located and how it is distributed.
  • How the professional development has helped meet grant goals.
  • How your Learning Team is sharing the content from the professional development with the rest of the staff. (share structures in place)
  • The progress of any specific project mentioned in your grant.

The Rest of the Visit

Organize however best fits for your school.

  • 30-45 min

Tour (2-4) classrooms with technology being integrated authentically--

School guides tour. BE STRATEGIC about choosing teachers.

  • 30-45 mins

Meet with learning team (if possible) for informal snacks and discussion of grant progress.

Remember they want to see the students using the technology.

Students should be using the tech to do at least one of the following:

  • Creating
  • Communicating
  • Collaborating
  • Critical Thinking

Any Questions

Contact me at liz.hecox@ou.edu